Forever Hunting For A Job: Lessons You Should Never Forget

One of the few things I have learned about freelancing is that I am a job seeker for as long as I’m working. Yes, there are benefits like working your own hours and having free time beyond the weekday. But you are always hunting for a job—which is what most people are doing right now.

After COVID, many people discovered interesting things about work. Some found out that companies were willing to drop them at the sight of danger.

Others realized that they were not doing as well as they thought. Some even got epiphanies, finally accepting that they might not want to pursue their current jobs long-term.

These and many other discoveries led to the ‘Great Resignation,’ ‘Quiet Quitting,’ and all other movements turning people into ‘forever job seekers.’

Even now, you probably have a few tabs open looking for your next job or revamping your resume.

Hunting For A Job: Rewarding But Daunting

Hunting for a job can be fun. One of my favorite books on change says it’s an opportunity to explore, and I agree. Yes, your bubble is safe, but the unknown is so much more interesting. 

But not many people see it this way and with good reason. There are the rejection emails, lengthy application process, struggling to find something in your expertise, lacking the needed skills, unworthy offers, hundreds of interviews, and so much more.

Every time you have to job-hunt, you could lose a little hope, patience, and motivation. That’s because looking for a job is hard. So, how do you keep up with it?

Many forever job seekers agree that it helps to have some lessons to push you through the next job hunt. Here are a few that you should never forget. 

8 Key Lessons To Remember When Job Hunting

1. It takes a loooong time!

Job hunting can feel like it takes forever—even two months are an eternity. You send out countless applications, but weeks go by without hearing back. This waiting can be frustrating. It’s important to remember that hunting for a job takes time.

Companies have many applicants to go through, and the process can be slow. Patience is key. Use this time to improve your skills, learn something new, or work on personal projects.

Remember, every application gets you one step closer to your goal. Stay positive and keep pushing, even when it feels like the process is dragging on.

2. Networking will take you further.

Knowing the right people can make a big difference in job hunting. Networking is all about building relationships with people in your industry. 

If you are hunting for a job, it’s time to surrender a few weekends to attend events, join online groups, and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. The connections can help you learn about job opportunities before they’re advertised.

Sometimes, getting a job is about who you know as much as what you know. People are more likely to hire someone they know or someone recommended by a trusted person.

So, don’t hesitate to shake a few hands and expand your network. It might lead you to your next job.

3. They’ve heard it all before, so tell it differently. 

When applying for jobs, you need to stand out. Employers see many resumes and cover letters, so yours is not something special and will end up in the pile. For any chance of meeting the hiring manager, your application must be unique.

Open with an eye-catching statement that will make them want to read your application. Think about what makes you different from other candidates. Share your experiences and skills in a way that highlights your unique strengths.

Instead of just mentioning your responsibilities at previous jobs, talk about what you achieved and how you made a difference. Use stories and examples to show your value. It will help you catch the employer’s eye and make them want to learn more about you.

Being different can be a good thing when hunting for a job.

4. Getting ghosted is expected and normal.

Getting ghosted happens a lot. Sometimes, a manager reaches out with a few questions, or you go to the interview—then they disappear. No calls, no emails, not even replying when you ask. While it feels terrible, it’s important not to take it personally.

Instead, keep applying to other jobs and focus on what you can control. Each application is a chance to improve your resume and cover letter. Getting ghosted is normal and part of the job-hunting process. Stay determined and keep moving forward.

5. Speak to yourself as you would a friend during rejection.

Rejection is hard—getting rejected from a job can hurt worse than getting rejected by a potential partner. But it’s important to be kind to yourself.

If a friend felt down because they didn’t get a job, you wouldn’t go on about how they should have never tried or that they will never find a job. 

You encourage them and remind them of their strengths. Do the same for yourself. Remind yourself that rejection doesn’t define your worth or abilities. It’s just a step in the process.

Use positive self-talk to keep your spirits up. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer to a friend. It will help you stay motivated and ready for the next opportunity.

6. Never ignore self-care during the process.

Hunting for a job is stressful, so taking care of yourself is really important. When facing rejection, spending hours online, and applying everywhere, it becomes easy to neglect your physical and mental health.

The job search is important, but make sure you also eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Taking breaks and doing things you love can also help you stay positive. Self-care helps you manage stress and keeps you feeling physically and mentally good.

Remember, you can’t give your best effort if you’re not feeling your best. So, take breaks, exercise, eat something delicious, hang out with your friends, and go outside. 

7. Respect starts at the interview, not on the job.

First impressions matter a lot in job hunting. And while you may be on your best behavior, the interviewer may not. You may note a few red flags that show that the employer will not respect you.

For example, you may be dragged across cities for interviews that can be done over Zoom. Other examples include interviewers calling you at inappropriate times to come in or even asking you to go in for an interview immediately.

Employees like these assume you can drop everything and attend to their needs because you are desperate. Don’t expect things to be the same when you get hired. From the moment you step into an interview, show respect. Remember, respect is something you should receive from the get-go.

8. Know your worth and stick by it!

Finally, and most importantly, knowing your value is crucial when hunting for a job. Think about your skills, experiences, and what you bring to a job. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If a job offer doesn’t meet your needs or respect your worth, it’s okay to say no.

Confidence in your abilities and knowing your worth can help you find a job that truly fits you. Stick to your standards, and don’t be afraid to negotiate for what you deserve. Knowing your worth helps you find a job that values and appreciates you.

Embrace the Hunt: Keep Going!

Hunting for a job can be challenging but also an opportunity for growth. Every application, interview, and even rejection teaches you something valuable.

Stay patient and positive, and remember the lessons you’ve learned. Networking, self-care, and knowing your worth are key. Don’t let setbacks discourage you. Instead, see them as steps towards finding the right job.

Yes, hunting for a job takes time, but you’ll succeed with determination and the right mindset. Keep these lessons in mind, and embrace the journey of hunting for a job. Your next great opportunity is just around the corner. So, keep going, and don’t give up!

About Author
About Author

Waithira Njagi is a seasoned wellness and relationship content writer with nearly a decade of experience. Her passion for helping others navigate the complexities of personal growth and connection shines through in her engaging and insightful writing.
With a knack for distilling complex topics into easily digestible pieces, Waithira's work is geared toward readers seeking guidance and inspiration on their journey to holistic well-being.
When she's not crafting engaging articles, you can find Waithira curled up with a stack of romance novels– always rooting for love to win– or enjoying quality time with her beloved family. Her dedication to spreading love and positivity is evident in everything she creates.

Waithira is here to remind you that life, much like their stories, is a tapestry of connections - to loved ones, and the endless adventures found in books.

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