How To Get Better Quality Of Sleep

Learn how to get better quality of sleep and discover tips on how to get better sleep with a sleep specialist. Also learn the difference between going to a primary doctor or seeking a sleep doctor and what conditions require medical treatment and which do not. Knowing how to navigate the fact from fiction and purchase products that really work can be very important in your journey to better sleep!

Tom LaPonti, host of the Sleep Dose Podcast, walks us through his own personal journey and why helping people get a better nights sleep is so important to him. He explains the scenarios of when having a sleep coach can really be beneficial in the accountability of sticking to a sleep routine that works well for you.

How To Get Better Sleep Quality Conversation Transcript:

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Tom LaPonti: Sleep dose is a weekly YouTube.

And podcasts that provides a consumer perspective on the mysteries of sleep. The show covers all sleep disorders and offers a unique opportunity for sleep sufferers to actually get their questions answered by medical professionals, product people, holistic practitioners, and so on. The inspiration for the show came after the 2013 death of my father to lung cancer.

And during that time during the last months of his life, What we found was that sleep deprivation became a crisis in his life that he was unable to resolve his sleep issues. And as a result, I decided to dedicate my life to accumulating as much knowledge as possible about. So a lot of things happen during that time period.

One of the things that I realized was that accumulating knowledge wasn’t as easy as I thought. And so St. Sleep and stress management, or some of the things that are in the market that the people are aware of. But don’t really. Now my background is in training and production management and film production specifically.

And so when I first came into this game, what I realized was that flip dose is gotta be different. It can’t just be the same old, we can’t just offer up advice and not really give us a really good example of what’s going out there in the market. And so for the most. What we find is that there are misconceptions about sleep coaching.

Understand Sleep Coaching And When It’s For You

And so what I wanted to do is really explain what are the different things that happen in sleep coaching? How is did very different from what you may think and what you may understand sleep coaching to be. And so one of the things that I wanted to talk about in general was. How sleep coaching and consultants are different from your medical practitioners.

Right? And the first thing is people think that self-discipline and self-help is an answer, right? Anyone can get the research on the internet and get practical knowledge on sleep coaching. At least that’s what everybody believes. And the thing is, if you really think. Why you would need a consultant, think about your friends, your family, your coworkers, and even in internet resources that you often look for, sleep information on.

You may find that you won’t find a suitable answer for your issue that you’re trying to correct. And so sleep, coaching and consultants are not doctors. And for the most part, that’s another myth that people feel. Why do I need a sleep coach? You can’t treat me. You can’t diagnose me.

What’s a good reason why you would need a sleep coach. A good reason is that sleep coaches are certified professionals in sleep. What that means is that in many cases, they are aware of the latest groundbreaking research and trends related to sleep. That even your primary care Dr. May not be aware of.

They can review your sleep history and save you money and time by helping you improve your communication about the options available to you. And what you should be asking your doctor about. So many times we may not have the same language as our doctors. We don’t speak the same. And so sleep coaches can help you build the bridge.

For that communication to be more effective in advance. You have to think also the coaches were involved with a lot of relationships with doctors. We’re also very familiar with sleep psychologists and have relationships with those folks as well. So in essence, what happens is we shortened the time that it would take you to find the proper tree.

Now the primary function of sleep coaches is educating. So keep that in mind, their clients are mostly looking for. How to get proper sleep hygiene, sorta like what you do with a gym coach or a fitness coach. You want to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. You want to make sure that you have all the appropriate tools to get the highest quality possible of fitness.

And that is the same in sleep. We maintain routines with you. We make sure that when you’re doing a specific program, that you’re doing it correctly. And so that’s where it’s really powerful. Sleep coaches are another really common myth is that we’re expensive. That sleep coaches are so expensive.

That’s also a myth it’s not true. And the reason for that is we have for the most part. Programs that you can utilize. For instance, when you talk to a sleep coach, initially, it’s a free consultation, so there’s no money out of pocket. And if you decide to work with the coach to provide additional services, most coaches will work with you and within a particular budget.

Absolutely hourly rates range from about 70 to about 150 an hour, but it really depends on the requirements that you established as the client. So it’s very important when you seek out a local sleep coach and the thing is now we have telemedicine and we also have zooming and it becomes a lot easier for people to actually speak.

Two professionals from across the country. So make sure that you’re utilizing that avenue for getting the proper people to work with you. So if you are working with a sleep coach and you’re working on a program, then you can have in establish a budget that you put together and that you both decide is is amenable to you.

And that’s how you can make things happen. Hello Erica, how are you doing. Great. Let me see if I can unmute you there for a sec. Erica thank you for joining us today. So what I’m explaining is a about sleep coaching and how sleep coaching can benefit in many different ways.

Sleep Coaching Adults, You Mean It’s Not Just For Newborns?

And Point number five is that sleep coaching is a for adults and that it’s not needed for that it’s for children it’s not needed for adults.

Now the thing about sleep coaching is that it is offered by many different people and some of the coaches do. Actually create routine sleep routines for children and newborns and parents. And that is one area of sleep coaching, but it doesn’t encompass all asleep coaching. There is sleep coaching specifically for athletes.

They work with their physiologists and they actually put bill programs to make sure that they get more efficient sleep. And there are also what we call general sleep coaches. And these are the ones that are working with adults. And in many cases, there may not be an underlying concern. And a client midnight may not have a real sleep condition or sleep disorder where they require the actually be submitted to a, an actual program with a hospital or to be on C-PAP or any one of the doctors.

Routines that are prescribed by doctors. So when we look at the situation, we first try to analyze whether or not this person is having a real sleep disorder that requires medical attention, but most people are falling into the other category, which is they need a routine. They need to promote their better sleep in their homes.

They need, they may have developed a dependency on sleeping pills and they want to look for a holistic alternative. This may be the need for a sleep coach. Another area that’s very that’s growing and that’s very important is the meditative practices to help people sleep better. It is important to have proper meditative practices and we can help with that as well.

All of these examples are not. Yeah. If during an evaluation, a sleep coach recognizes that the client is prescribing or describing a more serious sleep disorder. Then the coach is the first to validate and say, maybe you should be looking at speaking to your primary doctor or a specific sleep psychologist or sleep doctor.

That’s special. In that specific disorder. So we’ll first raise a flag. We’re not going to diagnose and treat or even suggest a routine. If we know that you are a person that requires medical attention, we’ll be the first to say, please. Speak to your doctor. And here are the reasons that that was brought up now that happens during your free consultation.

How To Get Better Sleep Schedule

Most of the time we’re able to go over your sleep history and we’re able to actually diagnose whether or not you’re suitable for a sleep routine or a sleep program. And if we can help you now, there’s another thing that comes up quite a bit. And that is that coaching is something that. There’s not enough research on that sleep coaching for the most part is not something that is practical.

And it is true that there are many articles that exist online that discredit sleep coaching and some medical professionals have even come out in opposition of coaching. Yet, I believe there’s an opportunity to correct the perception. There is a space for coaching and there is a bridge that only coaches can build.

And that is to increase the educational standards and to develop and deliver awareness to the public on a wider scale. And what I mean by that is coaches are the go between. We’re not doctors, we’re not sleep device manufacturers. We’re not dentists. We don’t have any skin in the game to promote a specific.

Topic a specific area. We are like your concierge. We can look across and say, Hey, let’s speak with the doctors. So let’s speak with the manufacturers. Let’s find out what is the latest in dentistry. And by bringing all these things together, you become a much more empowered and informed.

Individual. And that is the real where I see that sleep coaching really is a special and a unique a role that is I think about it as weaving, right? We are weaving expertise and that is available from a broad spectrum of resources. And we become that, that person. I can tell you, this university study over here this pharmaceutical company is doing a trial.

Other industries maybe this industry is bringing in higher awareness to reach the public. And it’s a government program. Most doctors are focused and they should be they’re focused on specific sleep elements. And most psychologists, there’s a popular routine that sleep psychologists use called CVTI.

And that’s something that works for insomnia. How would, all of the diverse programs and all of the diverse things that are out there, if you were not to speak to one person whose sole job is to build education and awareness about all of these different things. And that includes. Okay. So we’re all working from home right now and that’s scenario because we’re all stuck inside.

Due to the pandemic. We have seen an increase in sleep related issues. Asleep coaches probably needed now more than ever to ensure that your living space is conducive to not only high productivity, but great sleep. Most people do not make a connection between their daytime activities and its impact on their sleep.

Optimize For The Best Sleep Environment

Oh, sleep coach can identify elements within your inbox. Like maybe there’s too much blue light exposure, or maybe you have too many UV rays coming from the outside, into your bedroom. Maybe your work area is not conducive of good sleep. Maybe you have a bad chair are practicing poor posture, maybe there’s noise both externally or internally.

Maybe you have a partner that snores all of these things can be diagnosed during the evaluation of a sleep history. And then we can address it. And make sure that you’re not being deprived of a good night’s sleep because of these variables. With the ability to video conference, a call may be all that is required for you to determine the changes you want to make in your life.

So what is the future of sleep coaching? And it’s a, it’s an area that’s near and dear to my heart, but where is the industry? So we’ve seen that the sleep industry has changed from 2015 to 2025, which in this projected, I’m going to give you a number that it’s just going to blow your socks.

But 2015, we’re looking at a growth rate of about six and a quarter percent year over year. And they’re expecting the industry to go from in 2015, just $30 billion to over $91.5 billion by the year 2025. And that will mean more options than ever to essentially more options will be available to the public, but that also means that there’ll be more confusion as to what are your options personally.

So in my opinion, I believe that due to the rapid growth. You’ll see, sleep coaches switching over from their current roles as coaches into more of that concierge based services. I was saying where the value will reside in their ability to call together the best information on products and expertise to ensure that they are delivering.

To their clients, that expertise. So like the fitness industry in the sixties, sleep coaching right now is in its infancy. And it will no doubt go through painful iterations, but in the end, the goal remains the same. And that is to bring better sleep to the world and leave it a better place than we found it.

And I, for the most part, I feel. This is an area where we can all improve. So I want to thank you all today for tuning in. Please remember to visit the sleep guy on YouTube. I’m gonna leave you here.

Okay. I want to thank you all for tuning in. Please visit the sleep guy on YouTube and on your favorite podcast platforms like apple and Google. If you need to book a consultation, feel free to go to I need a sleep and there you’ll find my information and you’ll be able to contact me directly.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to. Work with you and figure out the best mechanisms that you can use to treat your sleep disorders. All right, with that said, remember to always read easy and sleep tight. Thank you folks. Thanks for tuning in this week. We would love for you to be part of our next discussion.

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How To Get Better Quality Of Sleep

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