Starting A Podcast 101


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Ready to launch your podcast? The time is now. This workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to launch your podcast in 2021.

About the Workshop

In this workshop, you will lay the foundation for launching your podcast. You’ll learn how to produce a podcast – beginning with your idea through developing a podcast series. We’ll discuss the different types of structure and format for podcasts and how to create a blueprint for your content, and we’ll provide an overview of the technical side of launching your podcast, including hosting and distributing your podcast and basics of developing a social media presence.


You’ll walk away with an understanding of…

  • The tone, direction, and scope of your podcast and your episode format
  • The different styles of podcasts and which one is right for your podcast
  • The hosting site that is best for you
  • How to create a social media presence that complements your podcast


You should have a basic idea of what your podcast will be, why you want to start a podcast, and any challenges you are anticipating as you launch your podcast. For prep, consider 2-3 existing podcasts that reflect the vision you have for your podcast. Be sure to have a pen and paper for insights and ideas.

Below are just a few things we will cover. We can’t wait for you to join us!

What To Plan For Prior To Starting

Launching Your Podcast

Promoting Your Podcast