About the Jesus Taught Me That Podcast:

We explore the impact of Jesus from the perspective of how people are applying his message to their profession & life.

Regardless of our individual beliefs or culture most can agree that Jesus has had a unique impact on our world. The Jesus Taught Me That podcast is going to learn about the message that Jesus presented from the perspective of modern day topics. 

From Science to Art to Business and everything in between we talk to industry experts about how Jesus is impacting them in their particular discipline and in their life. Join us for this journey of impactful conversation and a unique perspective of Christianity as it relates to development within our career and relationships.

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Our Vision & Where We're Headed!

Our vision is to help people build a closer relationship with Jesus in areas of their life they maybe haven’t thought about before. We hope to dive into developmental conversations that answer some tougher questions people might have about Jesus. If you share our passion or want a more behind the scenes look into what we are up to Follow Us Here!

Music is known as the universal language, as it has the unique ability to impact people in ways nothing else can. Today we are chatting with Alicia and Whitney McDermott, sisters and founders of Keepin’ It Global International Missions. In addition to being talented song writers, authors, podcast hosts, and entrepreneurs Alicia and Whitney have…
Everyone is gifted in a unique way, and we all have our own ways that we can be creative. Sometimes the challenge can simply be identifying what our creative gifts might be. Today we are talking to the author of Four Minute Devotions and Founder of Creative Ministries, Terry Nightingale. Terry is devoted to helping…
Starting a new business is hard, in fact most people that start one fail. Today we are exploring the important concepts of relationship building as it relates to entrepreneurship. We are talking to Jacqueline Maddison, founder of Beverly Hills Magazine about her own journey in founding a publishing company. She opens up about her struggles,…
Today, we are talking to Terry Tucker about dealing with severe illness. Whether it’s yourself or a family member experiencing severe illness it can be debilitating. Terry is an author and motivational speaker who focuses on helping people find purpose in their life in the midst of illness and tragedy. Terry has experienced this hisself…
Artificial Intelligence is a quickly rising technology impacting our lives in some profound ways. What does the future of this type of technology look like? How might the Christian worldview be impacted by this technology? Join us in chatting with Dr. Joshua Smith on how and why it can be important for us to start…

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