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    March 4, 2024

Ryan is a professional travel and relationship writer, originally out of Arkansas. Educated as a health and physical education teacher, he sold all his possessions, uprooted, and went on sabbatical in 2020 to go exploring! He's spent the last four years traveling the world, living and working in more than forty countries. At his side, is his wife of 19 years and fellow travel writer, Abby. Aside from being a sports fanatic and Jesus lover, he's uncle extraordinaire to 14 of the greatest creations on Earth. His passion is sharing cultural finds and encouraging men to experience a more fulfilling life by loving, serving, and understanding their partners better. Ryan is often published on Adventures From Scratch where he shares his relationship advice and family adventure tips, and on Let's Roam, where he details his travel experiences. You can find more from Ryan on he and his wife's YouTube Channel- LostAmongLocals.

Apr 19
Why We Men Need Alone Time: Hint…It’s NOT You

Sometimes it feels like life is moving too fast, and I’m just trying to keep up. I’ve come to realize that to keep my sanity, alone time is essential for me, and probably for all humans. It’s not about pushing anyone away or escaping from the people we love. Alone time is about recharging, reflecting, […]

Apr 10
My Faith Has Faced Challenges, Here’s What I’ve Learned

As societies become more secularized and individuals embrace diverse worldviews, many find themselves questioning or abandoning their faith altogether. As a Christ follower and an international digital nomad, I’ve found myself grappling with unique challenges and uncertainties.  Growing up in the Bible Belt surrounded by like-minded friends, family, and communities provided a sense of security […]

Apr 03
How to Volunteer for Charity Work: Servant Leadership in the Community

In a world where kindness and compassion seem to be lacking, volunteering for charity is a great way to spread some hope. Whether it’s coaching youth sports, organizing a church event, or aiding in disaster relief efforts, the act of giving back enriches not only the lives of those being helped but also the hearts […]

Mar 15
Why I Intensely Spoil My Wife at the Risk of My Manliness

When people see me “spoiling my wife,” they often raise their eyebrows or crack a joke about my masculinity. It’s a scenario I’ve encountered countless times, particularly from older male family members. Despite the teasing, I continue to elevate my wife’s needs above my own. Why? I’ve come to understand that nurturing a happy marriage […]

Mar 13
I Married My Polar Opposite… and It Made Me Better

They say “opposites attract,” and in the case of my wife and I, that couldn’t be more true! While our opposing personalities make for some interesting conflicts, marrying my antithesis has been an experience of personal growth for both of us. If you’re dating someone who seems totally foreign to you, or you’ve just realized […]

Mar 08
Interdependence in Relationships: Maintaining Your Individuality in a Partnership

A romantic relationship with a codependent person is the epitome of the “old ball and chain adage.” I think it’s safe to say that most of us look for red flags in this area, as we don’t want to lose our autonomy. However, in romantic endeavors, we need to let our guard down a bit […]

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Mar 06
Rules of Fighting Fair: How to Respectfully Argue With Your Partner

In a perfect world, you and your significant other would never fight, but that’s not reality. It’s normal and real to argue from time to time, but it also doesn’t have to get ugly. Couples are bound to face challenges that spark disagreements. Navigating these conflicts with mutual respect is the key to maintaining a […]

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