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May 08
How a More Active Approach to Faith Made Me a Better Leader

While it might be a stereotype, I believe there is some truth to the old adage that men aren’t as emotional as women. There are certainly outliers, but on the whole, I’d say it’s harder for us to get in touch with our emotions, and most of us don’t give it much effort. This disconnect […]

Apr 10
My Faith Has Faced Challenges, Here’s What I’ve Learned

As societies become more secularized and individuals embrace diverse worldviews, many find themselves questioning or abandoning their faith altogether. As a Christ follower and an international digital nomad, I’ve found myself grappling with unique challenges and uncertainties.  Growing up in the Bible Belt surrounded by like-minded friends, family, and communities provided a sense of security […]

Mar 29
The Friday Before Easter

As I start to write this, it’s a little after 5am on the Friday before Easter. Often in the past it seems I have hurried through this day. Certainly I know the symbolism this day brings within Christianity, but it can still be easy to internalize it as “This is just the Friday before Easter”. […]

Mar 29
The Impact of a Stepfather in the Family

I was once a divorced, single mother with two young sons. I met a man on a dating site, after a series of roller coaster dating scenarios I would rather not relive…..ever. This man seemed different. He knew I was a package deal. I had two sons under the age of 10, when we met. […]

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Feb 05
True Love Defined by Servanthood in Marriage

As I completed my second valentine’s hat, I contemplated the red crocheted heart on the rim and what it stands for. Love. Not the mushy Hallmark kind that equates to a dozen red roses and a nice dinner out that requires a reservation once a year on February 14th. Rather, the kind of love that […]

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