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Jun 15
10 Things I Learned from My Dad

My dad is a pretty amazing man. Of course I would say that, I am his only daughter, after all. However, I strongly believe that anyone who knows this man would wholeheartedly agree with me on this assessment. He is, quite simply, one of the good ones. To me, he is simply the best. I […]

Jun 08
Fathers Should Know These Things Are Appreciated!

Write about what you know, they said. So, I write about being a mom. I do not always know what I am doing or how it will turn out, but I have an amazing mom and I am mom to two amazing sons. Thus, the majority of my writing is about being a ‘boy mom’. […]

Apr 30
Dads Showing an Example to your Children on Mother’s Day

I have a friend that recently posted something on social media. It hit me straight in the heart. This single mother shared how much she dreads being on social media on Mother’s Day; seeing all the moms with flowers, homemade breakfasts-in-bed, and all of the lovely things that are ‘from the kids’ (but everyone knows, […]

Feb 23
The Importance of Being on the Same Page While Parenting

In addition to getting married and becoming a husband, being a parent is the most important role you will ever have. Whether you planned to have a child or not, they’re here, and you had better get used to it. There are a ton of things you need to worry about in the early days […]

Feb 16
Burnout to Bounty: Confessions of a De-Motivated Dad Struggling Amid Chaos

Motivation after overcoming burnout has been a real struggle for me this past year, and that’s not something I normally struggle with. Let me explain why. During the past year, COVID has affected my wife and seven children on two separate occasions, just as I was about to launch a new coaching course and scale […]

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Dec 30
My Thoughts on Masculinity as a Stay at Home Dad

When people think of traditional masculinity, they picture a man at his blue-collar job working hard to bring home the bacon. Or maybe they think of a doctor, a lawyer, or the cast of Mad Men, smoking and marketing like there’s no tomorrow. My point is that the traditional picture of masculinity includes men at […]

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