About Us

Our goal is to connect people to the right Mentors, Coaches, and Experiences to improve their life.


We believe getting in the right mindset is a great first step to achieving your life goals, which is why we focus on connecting people to the right Coaches and Mentors that can help do just that.

Shared Experiences

Building strong relationships is imperative to living a fulfilled life. That can only happen through the experiences we share. We curate events to give you a head start.


Growing as a person is life long endeavor. We work with Coaches, Podcasts, and Businesses around the world to produce content that will help you develop into the person you want to be.

Our mission

Welcome to BeFun BeKind! We solve 2 different problems. One thing humans have not really gotten any better at is building relationships. In fact, as technology advances it seems to have an adverse effect on our relationships and sense of fulfillment. 

We solve this by connecting people who want to improve this area of their life with the right Coaches, Experiences, and Services to help them.

The second problem we solve is helping the relevant services get access to new clients, the largest of which is Coaches, Consultants, Counselors, and Mentors. Coaches got into their career because they wanted to help people, not because they wanted to go into Sales or Marketing. Unfortunately, that’s a huge part of running a business. We help offload those tasks for them so they can focus on what they enjoy most, helping others.

Helping People Build Relationships and Improve Their Lives

We believe many of the characteristics involved in living a fulfilled life includes building great relationships with others as well as having a healthy relationship with yourself. However, for many of us this is a learned skill we have to develop. Luckily there are great mentors out there to help you move through this development process more efficiently.

Our goal is to connect you with these mentors and coaches as well as provide content that empowers you along your journey. We also want to connect you with other like-minded people to build a stronger community.

Helping Coaches & Consultants Gain Exposure & Connect To New Clients

If You’re a Coach, Consultant, Counselor, or offering Mentorship services there are a few specific ways we can help you, outlined below.

  • Webinar/Webcast Creation & Setup
  • Podcast Creation & Setup
  • Local Event Management (available in specific geographies)
  • Client Scheduling & Lead Generation
  • General Marketing Advice & Support

Our services are built specifically with the Coaching and Consulting industry in mind. Even if you are brand new to creating your consulting or coaching/mentorship business we can help get you on the right track.

What If My Organization Isn’t In the Coaching Industry?

If your organization is not specifically in the coaching industry, but you still create content or events that are aimed at connecting and empowering people to grow relationships and improve their life, there’s a good chance we can also help you with the same services listed above.

For example, if your organization creates a lot of local community events or even if you want to start creating community events we can likely help you with promotion. We can also help you add podcasts and webinars to your business that will help to drive new customers/members.

It’s likely that even if your business is not ‘officially’ a coaching or consulting practice you can still benefit greatly from producing the same type of educational content that coaches aim for. This is an amazing way to introduce people to your business and start building relationships with potential new customers or members.