We’re here to help men be strong servant leaders, have quality relationships, and maintain mental wellness.

Men who serve.

As men we are at our best when we’re serving others. We need to feel like our work and our actions are having an impact. We publish content that helps men serve better in their friendships, relationships, and every part of our life.


Building community can be hard for us guys. It’s so easy to get stuck in a cycle of being alone. We have to be disciplined and step out of our comfort zone. We hope to provide you with the encouragement and insight you need to step out, take risks, and find your people.

Strong relationships.

Strong relationships don’t happen overnight. They require vulnerability, something men sometimes get a bad rap for. We can be accused of being passive, but there’s more for us to understand. Our content and our authors provide great insights into what men go through emotionally, why we react in specific ways in relationships, and how we can improve.

Finding purpose.

For men, our identity can be so deeply entangled in our jobs. What we accomplish is very important to how we view ourselves. Understanding how we put this in the right perspective to keep ourselves in a healthy place emotionally, relationally, and physically is one of the most important habits we can learn.


We’ve never seen a time when men were more stressed and more at risk for depression than today. Sometimes life is overwhelming, but we have to figure out how to stay healthy and well. Our authors place an emphasis on mental wellness, and strive to be a helpful resource on how men can thrive through life’s toughest challenges.

Leading well.

How do we create great leadership habits? How do we show up to lead our kids, our marriages, and our jobs in a way that will have a lasting impact? As men how do we inspire others? Our content is from people, authentically telling their stories, and answering these questions on how men can be better leaders.

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Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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