Conversation Changes Everything...

Why are you so passionate about relationships and wellness?

So much can be accomplished if your relationships are well and you are well. Healthy conversations can fix a marriage, land a dream job, or start a life long friendship. Conversation is the key to us feeling connected and developing fulfilling relationships. It can also help us understand new things about the world around us, and see other people’s perspective. We also believe in the power of podcasting as the best tool we currently have to have conversation at scale. For this reason we want to help as many people as we can be successful at putting more impactful conversation into the world.

How do you make money?

Most of our income comes directly from people that believe in our mission and the conversations we are helping to produce by creating a community for independent podcasters. We are also funded in part through select events we host, although many are still free. If you love what we are doing we would be so appreciative of your support in building this community to foster impactful conversation. Buy Us Coffee?

What do you do exactly?

We help up and coming, independent podcasters and bloggers who are passionate about personal wellness and relationships, learn the ropes in producing great content through exclusive events, content, and podcast tutorials. In addition, we provide deeper partnerships with select content creators to help them kickstart their podcasting or blogging journey. Podcasting can produce hugely impactful conversation, but can be tough as a new podcaster. Our mission is to help people learn how to make an income and create sustainable processes that helps to make their podcast or blogging journey a success.

What is your vision?

Our vision is simply to help people create more impactful relationships and live a ‘well’ life. The way we accomplish our mission is by helping people start and be successful at creating great content that people want to engage with. We believe people should know how to create an income that supports their personal passions. We also want people to know the significance of the value they are creating by using their unique skillsets and perspective to tell a great story through their content.

Tell me more about the community part!

One reason podcasters stop releasing episodes is because they simply burn out. If you don’t have like-minded people walking with you on your journey this can be easy to do. Our community is made up of other podcasters just like yourself that want to use the power of conversation to have a great impact on the world around them. We host exclusive events that help our community engage and get to know each other. We also encourage our members to collaborate with each other. We are better together …and also a lot more fun!

How do I become a podcast partner?

There are all sorts of amazing ways to create a podcast. However, the format we are passionate about is specifically helping people develop conversational style podcasts on socially impactful topics. Anyone that falls into that category we want to help! We are typically a great fit for anyone wanting to learn how to grow a podcast in the coaching, counseling, ministry, or nonprofit fields but are a good fit for many other people as well. We work with podcasters by creating tutorials that teach them how to skip over the hurdles so many people face when growing a podcast. We also have exclusive events, trainings, and other content we produce for our free membership community. Having said that, we also partner in different ways with select podcast creators. The partnerships at this level are on a case-by-case basis and are invite only.