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Jun 08
Fathers Should Know These Things Are Appreciated!

Write about what you know, they said. So, I write about being a mom. I do not always know what I am doing or how it will turn out, but I have an amazing mom and I am mom to two amazing sons. Thus, the majority of my writing is about being a ‘boy mom’. […]

Apr 30
Dads Showing an Example to your Children on Mother’s Day

I have a friend that recently posted something on social media. It hit me straight in the heart. This single mother shared how much she dreads being on social media on Mother’s Day; seeing all the moms with flowers, homemade breakfasts-in-bed, and all of the lovely things that are ‘from the kids’ (but everyone knows, […]

Apr 17
The Best Marital Advice I Received: Your Partner Is Your Ally Not Your Enemy

A very long time ago, when my husband and I were newly married, a wise woman in our church gave us some advice that turned out to be THE statement I return to over and over in the ups and downs of marital bliss. Sitting on the couch, at a small group, the guest speaker […]

Apr 01
Male Confidence: How Changing My Approach Changed My Husband

Male confidence is tricky territory! Deeply ingrained societal norms place an enormous burden on men to be invulnerable — a warrior impenetrable to the worries of the world. They’re expected to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, let harsh comments roll off their back, and solve any problems that arise by throwing hands. While some […]

Mar 29
The Impact of a Stepfather in the Family

I was once a divorced, single mother with two young sons. I met a man on a dating site, after a series of roller coaster dating scenarios I would rather not relive…..ever. This man seemed different. He knew I was a package deal. I had two sons under the age of 10, when we met. […]

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Mar 27
Building A Strong Relationship: Dealing With Challenges as a Team

What makes a relationship strong? Before you answer that, consider Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. A passionate love story that started when the two met and discovered shared ideals about Mexican identity. Even better, they were both artists with strong personalities. Their marriage? Well, it was marked by fiery arguments, infidelity, and intense […]

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Feb 05
True Love Defined by Servanthood in Marriage

As I completed my second valentine’s hat, I contemplated the red crocheted heart on the rim and what it stands for. Love. Not the mushy Hallmark kind that equates to a dozen red roses and a nice dinner out that requires a reservation once a year on February 14th. Rather, the kind of love that […]

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