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Jul 12
Is he Thinking About Commitment, or is it Just Me?

If you have ever been in a relationship with a man, you have probably also asked yourself: Is he thinking about commitment? It’s normal to wonder if you are latching onto someone who sees you as a passing fling. And it’s not wrong to want commitment. In fact, wanting commitment is natural and healthy. Commitment […]

Jul 10
Are You a Leader? You Need A Second in Command

I never thought I would embody the ‘it’s lonely at the top‘ stereotype. But it’s because I thought I would have no friends—I still did—so I thought it did not matter. That is until I realized I was alone in all aspects of leadership. I never thought I would need a second in command. You […]

Jul 09
Travel as Education? How Travel Has Made Me a Better Husband and Leader

For the last four years, my wife and I have been gallivanting around the world as full-time digital nomads. We sold our home and all our belongings, got online jobs, and left the U.S. in 2020. Full-time travel has affected me in ways I never expected. It has reshaped my understanding of the world and […]

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Mar 20
Stress Management Techniques for Men in High-Pressure Work Environments

High-pressure situations are challenging, especially at work. It can cause the strongest of men to break down. Take the story of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in 1986. I’ve heard this story thousands of times, sometimes from motivational speakers, other times from friends and family. Seems the story has many lessons. So, I’ll share one […]

Mar 13
I Married My Polar Opposite… and It Made Me Better

They say “opposites attract,” and in the case of my wife and I, that couldn’t be more true! While our opposing personalities make for some interesting conflicts, marrying my antithesis has been an experience of personal growth for both of us. If you’re dating someone who seems totally foreign to you, or you’ve just realized […]

Feb 28
What I’ve Learned About Men’s Attachment Wounds As A Therapist

We all have an underlying core need for connection and intimacy. While fluid, the attachments we form early on with our caregivers affect our capacity for this, setting the stage for our adult relationships. Attachment Theory describes the adaptation of attachment patterns, based on our caregivers’ responses to our emotional needs in infancy and childhood. […]

Psychology of Men, How We Think

Insights Into the Male Mind

Jan 04
This Helped Me Better Understand How Men Perceive Vulnerability

Recently I watched my husband grieve the loss of his father following a courageous battle with cancer. This experience was truly heartbreaking to witness. However, I believe it helped me to better understand just how complex the depths of vulnerability can be for men. To be vulnerable means to identify and share what is true […]

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Dec 16
Decoding Men’s Words: What He Says vs. What He Really Means

Men are supposed to be simple communicators, like a yes or no questionnaire. What they say is supposed to mean exactly that. Men are supposed to be straightforward in communication. No dropping hints or struggling to express themselves. Good theory, right? Well, the reality goes a little different. If you have ever been in a […]

Dec 04
A Guide to Supporting Men Through Emotional Challenges

Sometimes, it feels like men have no idea how they are feeling and how it’s affecting them. Worse, they fail to understand how it affects people around them. But they are not entirely to blame for this! As if the differences between men and women are not enough, male and female brains are built differently, […]

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Life Lessons For Men That Help Us Learn & Grow

Men Tackling Life's Challenges

Feb 23
The Importance of Being on the Same Page While Parenting

In addition to getting married and becoming a husband, being a parent is the most important role you will ever have. Whether you planned to have a child or not, they’re here, and you had better get used to it. There are a ton of things you need to worry about in the early days […]

Jan 03
How Betting on Myself Changed My Life Forever

Settle. Settle is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to place so as to stay,” “to establish as in residence,” or “to establish or secure permanently.” When a rock settles in a river, for example, it falls permanently to the bottom and sinks into the mud in the river bed. It’s then stuck for all of eternity […]

Dec 30
My Thoughts on Masculinity as a Stay at Home Dad

When people think of traditional masculinity, they picture a man at his blue-collar job working hard to bring home the bacon. Or maybe they think of a doctor, a lawyer, or the cast of Mad Men, smoking and marketing like there’s no tomorrow. My point is that the traditional picture of masculinity includes men at […]

Dec 29
Why I Decided to Put My Spouse’s Dreams Before My Own

We’re currently living in a culture that is more self-centered than ever before. Everywhere you look, from movies to advertisements to self-help books, the emphasis is on doing what makes you happy and fulfilled. While there’s nothing wrong with having dreams and pursuing them, they may not always give you the fulfillment you’re craving. For […]

Dec 28
How Immersing Yourself in Nature Can Strengthen Your Marriage

As an independent introvert, it’s extremely important for me to find alone time so that I can process my thoughts and feelings. However, I’ve found that too much alone time and solitude can also be a bad thing, especially when it comes to my marriage. It’s easy for me to let my thoughts run wild […]

Nov 22
Decoding the Unspoken: Understand Men’s Body Language

They say that actions speak louder than words, but boy, can those actions be quiet sometimes! Unfortunately, that’s what we sign up for just by existing. The most honest messages you will get from any person will be a small action of the body or gesture. Evolution can do many things, but making humans verbally […]

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