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Apr 19
Why We Men Need Alone Time: Hint…It’s NOT You

Sometimes it feels like life is moving too fast, and I’m just trying to keep up. I’ve come to realize that to keep my sanity, alone time is essential for me, and probably for all humans. It’s not about pushing anyone away or escaping from the people we love. Alone time is about recharging, reflecting, […]

Apr 12
Male Friendships: Why They Are Confusing for Women

I have always found male friendships interesting. Male bonding is nothing like when women get together. When women meet, there’s a lot of sharing, advice-giving, empowerment, and overall satisfaction. When men meet, I see none of those things. They often sit quietly and drink or watch stuff with the occasional comment or joke passed around.  […]

Apr 01
Male Confidence: How Changing My Approach Changed My Husband

Male confidence is tricky territory! Deeply ingrained societal norms place an enormous burden on men to be invulnerable — a warrior impenetrable to the worries of the world. They’re expected to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, let harsh comments roll off their back, and solve any problems that arise by throwing hands. While some […]

Mar 27
Building A Strong Relationship: Dealing With Challenges as a Team

What makes a relationship strong? Before you answer that, consider Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. A passionate love story that started when the two met and discovered shared ideals about Mexican identity. Even better, they were both artists with strong personalities. Their marriage? Well, it was marked by fiery arguments, infidelity, and intense […]

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Jan 04
This Helped Me Better Understand How Men Perceive Vulnerability

Recently I watched my husband grieve the loss of his father following a courageous battle with cancer. This experience was truly heartbreaking to witness. However, I believe it helped me to better understand just how complex the depths of vulnerability can be for men. To be vulnerable means to identify and share what is true […]

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Dec 27
Understanding His Boundaries, What Does That Mean?

There are those days when your boyfriend needs to retreat to his shell and then emerge a better and more loving man. It happens sometimes, and you’ve been asking yourself why he’s been doing it. Is it because he’s getting exhausted, or is he hiding something? The answer could be less evil and visible than […]

Dec 26
The Top Things Men Secretly Want in a Relationship

If you are active on social media, you must be confused about what men want from women. The requirements seem as diverse as they are non-inclusive. In addition, what men want seems to be changing every few months. We all want something from a relationship. Women are more vocal about their expectations and needs. They […]

Dec 16
Decoding Men’s Words: What He Says vs. What He Really Means

Men are supposed to be simple communicators, like a yes or no questionnaire. What they say is supposed to mean exactly that. Men are supposed to be straightforward in communication. No dropping hints or struggling to express themselves. Good theory, right? Well, the reality goes a little different. If you have ever been in a […]

Dec 15
Discover His Love Language!

‘Love language’ is something you will hear everyone constantly talk about. But it is not a 2020 phenomenon. No, the concept of the love language goes back to 1992 when Gary Chapman shared his masterpiece ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.’ Years later, this book remains relevant, birthing ‘What […]

Dec 04
A Guide to Supporting Men Through Emotional Challenges

Sometimes, it feels like men have no idea how they are feeling and how it’s affecting them. Worse, they fail to understand how it affects people around them. But they are not entirely to blame for this! As if the differences between men and women are not enough, male and female brains are built differently, […]

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