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    January 13, 2024

Lauren is a functional nutritionist and licensed therapist who takes an integrative and functional approach to mental health and overall wellness. Lauren has worked as a clinician/therapist, researcher, and writer in the mental health and functional nutrition space. Lauren takes a root cause approach to well-being— looking at the body, mind, and responses to one’s environment in influencing health. Lauren recognizes the various factors that impact well-being– including attachments, trauma, ACEs, individual differences in biochemical makeup, genetic predispositions, and largely nutrition, lifestyle, mind-body modalities, and healing relationships. She is passionate about empowering others to become their own expert relative to their health and overall well-being. Lauren has worked in outpatient and inpatient settings with both men, women and children.

Feb 28
What I’ve Learned About Men’s Attachment Wounds As A Therapist

We all have an underlying core need for connection and intimacy. While fluid, the attachments we form early on with our caregivers affect our capacity for this, setting the stage for our adult relationships. Attachment Theory describes the adaptation of attachment patterns, based on our caregivers’ responses to our emotional needs in infancy and childhood. […]

Jan 04
This Helped Me Better Understand How Men Perceive Vulnerability

Recently I watched my husband grieve the loss of his father following a courageous battle with cancer. This experience was truly heartbreaking to witness. However, I believe it helped me to better understand just how complex the depths of vulnerability can be for men. To be vulnerable means to identify and share what is true […]

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