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Jul 02
Male Loneliness: Why Aren’t Today’s Men Making Friends?

Friendships are a cornerstone of a fulfilling life, yet many men find making and maintaining close friends particularly challenging as they age. The “friendship recession” is real, and it’s not just about having fewer friends; it’s about the quality and depth of those relationships. Whether you’re fresh out of college or noticing your circle has […]

Jun 27
Is Happiness Really That Complicated?

What is happiness and joy? Are these actual concepts we can truly understand, and if so what would be the importance of understanding them? I’ve often compartmentalized these concepts, and wondered if truly understanding them is worth spending mental energy on. After all these are personal emotions that only impact our own person right, or […]

Jun 26
Separating In A Relationship: Getting Through It With Pride

Do men talk about getting separated from their partners? With the high rate of divorces, they really should. That, and separating in a relationship, is harder than it sounds. You’re not just about losing a partner; you’re also dealing with changes in your daily routine and social life.  Dealing with a separation isn’t about wallowing […]

Jun 25
What My Parent’s Late Divorce Taught Me About Life and Relationships

It wasn’t an event I anticipated, nor something I thought would shape my understanding of life and relationships as deeply as it has. But, life teaches us the most through unexpected experiences. You see, my parents got a divorce after 30+ years of marriage! My brothers and I were all in our late twenties and […]

Jun 24
The Importance of Social Fitness For Men

One thing I have noticed is that men love to talk about fitness. They share gym routines, food calendars, protein intake and recipes, and more. Bros always try to get their fellow bros fit and healthy. The only fitness guys rarely pay attention to is social fitness for men. But I get it. Social fitness […]

Jun 21
Employment Skills Every Man Needs To Stay Ahead 

It seems that the world never stops changing, especially in employment. In less than five years, we went from office setups to remote working and then found balance in a hybrid setup. And the dust is yet to settle on a lot more things. In the middle of all these changes, I could not help […]

Jun 19
Forever Hunting For A Job: Lessons You Should Never Forget

One of the few things I have learned about freelancing is that I am a job seeker for as long as I’m working. Yes, there are benefits like working your own hours and having free time beyond the weekday. But you are always hunting for a job—which is what most people are doing right now. […]

Jun 17
Here’s What You Should Change Before You’re 30

If you are a man who hasn’t turned 30 yet, I have news for you: It won’t be long before you’re 30. A lot of people agree that 30 just sneaks up on you. One minute, you are 20-something and living day by day; the next, you’re in your 30s and siding with the villains […]

Jun 15
10 Things I Learned from My Dad

My dad is a pretty amazing man. Of course I would say that, I am his only daughter, after all. However, I strongly believe that anyone who knows this man would wholeheartedly agree with me on this assessment. He is, quite simply, one of the good ones. To me, he is simply the best. I […]

Jun 14
Why A Career Swap Is Good For You: Job Hunt Differently

I remember many times when I was out of work, wondering what my next move would be. I would often joke to friends and family about taking any job that came across—even being a surgeon! I said it as a joke, but somewhere deep inside, I was considering a full-on career swap. I’m still not […]

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