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Abby is a professional relationship and travel writer currently working out of Southeast Asia. Before leaving for travel Abby was educated in biology and nursing and worked as a PICC nurse. While all things travel are her primary workload, she's passionate about seeing marriages and families thrive! Living, working, traveling, and spending every second of every day with her spouse has taught her a few valuable lessons about making a marriage work, and she's all about passing those nuggets of wisdom along. Abby is regularly published in multiple online spaces including Arkansas Frontier, Adventures From Scratch, Let's Roam, and Homebody Hall. You can also find her on YouTube at LostAmongLocals.

Jun 04
What Is a Wellness Group, and Do You Need One?

In the not-so-distant past, men were expected to be strong enough to overcome any mental health issue or weakness alone, or at least cover it up, and not complain about it. There was (and sometimes still is) a stigma when it comes to men and emotional support. As a result, many men experienced mental health […]

Apr 17
The Best Marital Advice I Received: Your Partner Is Your Ally Not Your Enemy

A very long time ago, when my husband and I were newly married, a wise woman in our church gave us some advice that turned out to be THE statement I return to over and over in the ups and downs of marital bliss. Sitting on the couch, at a small group, the guest speaker […]

Apr 01
Male Confidence: How Changing My Approach Changed My Husband

Male confidence is tricky territory! Deeply ingrained societal norms place an enormous burden on men to be invulnerable — a warrior impenetrable to the worries of the world. They’re expected to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, let harsh comments roll off their back, and solve any problems that arise by throwing hands. While some […]

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Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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