About the Jesus Taught Me That Podcast:

We explore the impact of Jesus from the perspective of how people are applying his message to their profession & life.

Regardless of our individual beliefs or culture most can agree that Jesus has had a unique impact on our world. The Jesus Taught Me That podcast is going to learn about the message that Jesus presented from the perspective of modern day topics. 

From Science to Art to Business and everything in between we talk to industry experts about how Jesus is impacting them in their particular discipline and in their life. Join us for this journey of impactful conversation and a unique perspective of Christianity as it relates to development within our career and relationships.

A Few Of Our Guests

Our Vision & Where We're Headed!

Our vision is to help people build a closer relationship with Jesus in areas of their life they maybe haven’t thought about before. We hope to dive into developmental conversations that answer some tougher questions people might have about Jesus. If you share our passion or want a more behind the scenes look into what we are up to Follow Us Here!

We are once again joined by musical artists Alicia and Whitney McDermott, of Keepin’ It Global International Missions, to talk about what it looks like to use your personal life’s journey to fuel your own ministry. Alicia and Whitney go into detail about how even the toughest challenges they have faced in their life have…
Join us as we continue our discussion with Jeff Caliguire, life coach, author, speaker, and former pastor about how to identify your passion in coaching and mentoring people you care about. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of life coaching, and how it impacts people this is an episode you don’t want to miss….
Burnout has turned into a prominent issue in our society and seems to be something almost everyone experiences to some degree. We are all juggling so many things, and seem to have more pressure on us to succeed than ever before. Today we are talking to Jeff Caliguire, author, speaker, life coach, and former pastor…
Join us for this week’s episode in talking about healing after loss and how to use your journey to positively impact others. We are talking to Tricia Roos, author, counselor, speaker, and career youth counselor. Tricia has found her calling in helping families through dealing with the loss of a child. She arrived here only…
Join us as we talk about investing, bitcoin, blockchain, and other digital currencies. In this episode we are talking to long time Bitcoin investor, Dr. Patrick Melder. We’ll chat about the future of where this financial currency might be headed and the bizarre symbolism it shares with Christianity. We will also specifically talk about what…

Featured Episodes

Jan 03
The Impact Faith Can Have Through Tragedy -Podcast

Everyone encounters challenges, but sometimes we go through such struggle and emotional pain that it can shake us to our core. Today’s story is an example of someone that went through that, and how they recovered. Our guest, Gerard Long, endured the loss of two children, a failing marriage, and a cardiac arrest where he […]

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