Although you are welcome to record with the highest quality camera you have, a good quality smartphone usually works just fine. If using a mobile device the video must be taken in horizontal format (DO NOT CROP VIDEO). If using a DSLR, as long as it keeps a 16:9 aspect ratio you should be fine. Please do not add any sort of text overlay or music to the video, as that will be added on our side. Usually an external mic is not needed if you’re in a quiet place, but if you use one, make sure it’s not noticeable. For example, do not use a large podcasting microphone and/or wear large studio headphones. Also, make sure you are looking/speaking directly to the camera.

Uploading File:

Upload file to this link:

Video Intro Length:

Between 1:30 – 3 minutes

Previous Intro Video You Can Refer To :

(We add the music and images in post-production)

Questions to Answer on Video in Regards to Designated Topic:

(Reach out to your BeFun BeKind contact for questions on designated topic)

  • What do you want people to learn from your discussion?
  • How has this topic impacted your life or the life of people you know?
  • How do you think this topic can motivate people to be a better version of themselves?
  • Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Finish Your Intro Video by Stating the Following:

“My name is _____________”. (however you wish to announce yourself) “Join me for my live event on BeFun BeKind”