Join Mariquita Solis in learning how self esteem building can have a positive impact on your relationships and your life. Pulling from her own journey and struggles, she outlines what it truly means to be confident in who you are. Take this step with her and gain the control of your life you deserve.

What You Will Learn

You have a divine power center in your soul, a magnificent wisdom that is waiting to lead.

You have the power to change your beliefs, to step into your essence and create the life you desire.

You are not a prisoner of your life.

You create your destiny by taking responsibility for your actions, blessing the lessons and moving forward with gentleness.

We are all connected, it is our duty to step up to help our community by being kind, and living with honor, compassion, and confidence.

About Speaker
  • Speaker: Mariquita Solis
  • From: Georgia
  • Bio: Mariquita Solis is a Joyful Relationship Coach who empowers women as a catalyst that activates their inner light, ending debilitating relationship patterns, healing their souls and developing new skills to create and attract healthy joyful relationships through authentic soul transformation. She used to live by the phrase, "What is wrong with me?" Today, she lives by, "What is right with me?" and partners with courageous women to step into their power.
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