What You Will Learn

At the end of the day, whatever we do, wherever we go, it’s all about being able to lead a better life. If you’re having trouble finding peace or simply don’t know where to look, Dr. Lindsey Elmore can help you achieve authentic wellness, and then some!

Dr. Lindsey is a certified pharmacist, natural wellness expert, business strategy host, speaker, author, and at home she is a vegan cook, yogi and podcast host. Her secret to being able to keep up with all this; authentic wellness.

Join us for a refreshing and potentially life-changing discussion on achieving authentic wellness, led by Dr. Lindsey Elmore. People of all ages are welcome to join her discussion and see how her experience of learning life’s lessons on her own can help you. After all, she’s helped audiences across the world in more than 35 countries! Her books have also been translated in 25 different languages, enabling her to help and do more.

The discussion aims to open your mind to accepting the truth of life and growing a tree out of the lemon that life can sometimes throw at you. No matter your problem, no matter your limitations, ask Dr. Lindsey and she’ll help you find a way! You’ll also get to meet new people who are in a position similar to you. Join us for this live virtual discussion and turn your life around!