If your organization is supported by donations or you think donations might benefit your mission then podcasting can be a really amazing tool to use. It allows people to get familiar with your mission in a very personal and unique way. This tutorial will walk you through how to think about donations when it comes to podcasting.

Join Alicia and Whitney, sisters and co-hosts of the Coming Up Higher Podcast, as they dive into three simple steps you can take to help drive donations toward your mission with podcasting. A reality that a lot of podcasters miss is that if you are producing high quality episodes you are putting tremendous value out into the world. For your efforts to be sustainable, at some point, you will likely have to figure out a monetization strategy. Allowing people to donate to your cause gives the community you are impacting the opportunity to participate in your journey.

Watch this tutorial to learn if using your podcast to help drive donations toward your mission might be right for you!

About Speaker
  • Alicia and Whitney are singer-songwriters, authors, and worship leaders, and hosts of the Coming Up Higher Podcast. They have a passion for teaching others how to shift their personal atmospheres and environments through practical, everyday situations so that everyone can position themselves to hear God's voice.