Finding your podcast niche can be one of the hardest aspects to get right as a podcaster. It requires the right mix of understanding your own skillset and knowing what people will listen to that's not already being talked about. It also has to be something your passionate about!

In this tutorial Athina walks you through some ideas to think about when discovering what niche you should create a podcast around. She talk about her own journey of how she landed on women's health topics for her podcast. Learn how to create a list that narrows down what niche might be the best fit for you.

Watch to learn how to take your podcast to the next level, or just get started on the right foot, by discovering your niche!

About Speaker
  • Athina is the host of the Finding My Fit Podcast, which empowers you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle by bringing you well-research information on women's health. Her mission is to help people become the best version of themselves they can possibly be. The content she produces takes a coaching perspective on enabling the audience to not only reach health and recovery goals, but also simply find where you fit into the world, where you feel comfortable and content, and determine how to reach your dream life!