Join Luke Hohmann in talking about his FinTech company, FirstRoot, designed to help kids to learn to manage money at an early age. FirstRoot is structured as a B Corp and empowers everyone to help with its goal of reaching 1 million schools achieve financial literacy for students.

What You Will Learn

Learn about a creative way to help children understand money management with Luke Hohmann. Most of us would agree that we could have benefited from being more financially literate at a young age. Unfortunately, this has typically not been a skill developed until much later on in life, sometimes after making several tough decisions.

Luke's FinTech company, FirstRoot, is set out to change that by creating a fun way for kids to start managing 'real money' at an early age. We'll talk about how the company is doing so far, and how you can get involved in this initiative.

We will also talk about how software solutions can continue to play a beneficial role in our lives in the future. Join us for this educational talk, and maybe even have your kids listen in too.

About Speaker
  • Speaker: Luke Hohmann
  • From: San Francisco, California
  • Bio: Luke Hohmann is Founder and CEO of FirstRoot, a Benefit Corporation devoted to teaching financial literacy and civics through Participatory Budgeting in schools. A serial entrepreneur and internationally recognized expert in Participatory Budgeting and Agile Software development, Luke's last company, Conteneo, was an enterprise collaboration software company that helped large enterprises administer more than $ 3B using Participatory Budgeting techniques. Conteneo was acquired by Scaled Agile, Inc. in 2019. Luke's current company, FirstRoot, is committed to putting $1K into 1M schools and watching what happens when kids are in control of $1B.
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