In this tutorial Angela Christine, host of the Resolute Vibes podcast, talks about how powerful it can be to include your friends and family in your podcast. Especially if you are a bit newer to podcasting, involving your close circle of friends can really make a difference in being successful with your new venture.

If you are still building your confidence in podcasting it can sometimes be hard to share what you are doing with those closest to you. However, these are the people most likely to give you valuable feedback, which is so important when when getting started. These are also the people most likely to share your podcast with others.

Podcasting is also just a great way to include those you care about in your life in a deeper way. Join to learn how to involve your friends and family in your podcasting journey!

About Speaker
  • Angela Christine is the host of the Resolute Vibes Podcast, which is devoted to continually fostering a space for intentional conversations, unapologetic vulnerability, and personal reflections that deepen understanding and personal growth. She is a creative, determined Millennial who is passionate about serving others, creating advocacy for self-development, and overall, one person who simply wants to make a lasting impact by stewarding my time and talents well. Angela also works with individuals to instill behavior change through psychology and practical wellness applications.