In this tutorial Angela Christine, host of the Resolute Vibes podcast opens up about her own podcasting journey. She specifically dives into the challenges you might face as a new podcaster as well as some of the unique challenges she faced when getting started.

This tutorial walks through setting a schedule to make sure you stay on task and consistent with your episodes. Avoiding burnout is also really important when just starting off, as there can be a lot to learn. Setting realistic expectations and pacing yourself can be a major factor that leads to success.

Watch to see how you can create you own intentional conversation with your podcast journey!

About Speaker
  • Angela Christine is the host of the Resolute Vibes Podcast, which is devoted to continually fostering a space for intentional conversations, unapologetic vulnerability, and personal reflections that deepen understanding and personal growth. She is a creative, determined Millennial who is passionate about serving others, creating advocacy for self-development, and overall, one person who simply wants to make a lasting impact by stewarding my time and talents well. Angela also works with individuals to instill behavior change through psychology and practical wellness applications.