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How to sell coaching services online is one of the most asked questions among new and seasoned life coaches, consultants, and mentors. If you come from a non-sales or marketing background this can be a daunting task full of pitfalls at every corner. Who do you listen to, where do you start, and how do you measure success are likely to be the questions racing through your head. This webinar specifically covers how to sell coaching packages and present them in a way that makes sense for new potential customers.

It really doesn't matter if you are coming to this topic from the perspective of nutrition coaching, business consulting, career mentoring, life coaching, or any other area as the approach is all the same. Before you can start successfully selling your services you have to be super confident in the value your bring to your clients. In fact, a good realization is that you shouldn't really be 'selling' at all, but rather simply presenting the immense value that you can offer the people you work with. This Webinar will focus on how to get you in that frame of mind, and how you can change the way you think about your consulting or coaching programs.

Another important element that often comes up in coaching training programs is how to format and package your coaching sessions. This means, does it make more sense to offer one on one services, group classes, downloadable courses, or a mixture thereof. This may change as you progress through your mentoring or coaching career, but it's important to nail this down so you now how to position your classes or sessions to clients. You most likely chose this career path because you wanted to help people, but at the end of the day you have to make money as a life coach or you can't sustain yourself longterm in this business. Join the webinar when you're ready start growing your mentoring business.

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    Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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