What You Will Learn

Join us for a heartwarming and inspirational discussion on How to Start a Non-Profit led by Lauren Greenwood. A person dedicated to doing good in her life, Lauren has helped many people and pets find communities and shelters to facilitate and reinforce their lives for the better. She operates a non-profit organization,, that is dedicated to helping shelter animals find a home.

This discussion is directed toward people just like her, as it aims to empower and rediscover their spirit for volunteering and providing for those in need. Her discussion will help you learn more about how you can use your passion and strengths to help others. In the discussion, you’ll find more individuals who are looking for a guide on how to start a non-profit. You’ll get to meet new people, each with their own story and a cause they’re willing to fight for.

Lauren Greenwood, even before she started her non-profit, is used to finding ways to give back to her community, which often involved volunteering at animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries. Her passion wasn’t just limited to caring for animals, but also cleaning, running outreach programs, fundraising, orientations, and training programs as well. This led her to becoming a great advocate; something that helped her spread her message to schools and civic fairs. Her core message is about animal sheltering, humane treatment of animals, and pet care. She has recently written a book on this subject as well, published in 2020. Join us for this live virtual discussion and take a step toward the change you’re destined to make!

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