What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn:

The idea of living a life according to your own lights is to have confidence in your beliefs and convictions in a way that inspires others. There is a great need for all kinds of people in the world, and the diversity in opinions and beliefs is a powerful thing. By My Own Lights Podcast shares stories of vulnerability, inspiration, and kindness, and we believe that leadership is not just about the 9-5. I teach about leading by example in all your lights to inspire others to find theirs.

The audience will learn about the podcast, how we define leadership, and what it means to live according to their own lights while finding value in the way others live by theirs.

About The Speaker:

By My Own Lights, hosted by Rachael Pontious, is where we talk about everything that inspires others into action. We believe that leadership goes beyond the 9-5, it is really about the life you lead everyday. It's your personal life, your professional life, and your spiritual life. You will hear stories of encouragement, inspiration, and be a part of conversations with those that have inspired us over the years. We will give you practical guidance on how to live according to your own lights and inspire others in the process.

As the host of the podcast, Rachael Pontious focuses her life on being a little bit better than the day before. She is inspired through discomfort and the journey of others to find their way in life. She accepts that her brokenness is what makes her whole, and values her wild sense of humor, filter-less approach, bold personality, and compassionate heart. Rachael is happily married and a mother of two kids. She works full-time as a consultant with the State of California, serves with the high school ministry of her church, and created her podcast as a way to bring light in a dark world for those that need it.

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Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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