Join Purdeep Sangha in talking about how to improve your focus in the relationships that are most important to you, and why as guys it’s so easy for us to lose focus. Living up to other people's standards, or what we perceive as other people's standards, can be a daunting task. Purdeep will discuss how to focus on your own standards and be the best 'you can be’in your relationships.

What You Will Learn

Communication and Focus is essential to becoming a better person, but it's something that a lot of men struggle with. Purdeep has a unique ability to connect with men about the struggles that never really gets talked about.  Learn how to improve your career, relationships, and overall wellbeing as a guy by improving how you focus on what’s important. In talking about his own unique journey Purdeep also has a story to tell that many of us can relate to.

About Speaker
  • Speaker: Purdeep Sangha
  • From: Texas
  • Bio: Purdeep Sangha is widely known as “The Strategist For Businessmen” and coaches men on how to become the best version of themselves. His personal mission is to help men grow their businesses massively, increase their personal fulfillment in life and improve their relationships with their wife and kids. As an award-winning author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, business coach, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. After studying and working with some of the most successful men around the globe, Purdeep shows men the neuroscience behind improving relationships.
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Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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