One of the most powerful aspects of podcasting are the conversations you can have and the relationships you can build with people you would have never crossed paths with. However, interviewing guests on your podcast can be a bit of an acquired skill!

Join Alicia and Whitney, sisters and co-hosts of the Coming Up Higher Podcast, in walking through exactly how to successfully interview guests for your podcast. Every guest has a different personality and topics they want to talk about, but Alicia and Whitney explain some important details you can start implementing to really create powerful conversations with each unique guest.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make impactful conversation a part of your podcast by improving your interview skills!

About Speaker
  • Alicia and Whitney are singer-songwriters, authors, and worship leaders, and hosts of the Coming Up Higher Podcast. They have a passion for teaching others how to shift their personal atmospheres and environments through practical, everyday situations so that everyone can position themselves to hear God's voice.