What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn:

The importance of self-acceptance and self love, and ways to work on improving your self acceptance. When facing a chronic or critical illness, the need for self-acceptance is even greater because it is necessary in order to develop illness acceptance. By accepting your illness, you can improve your overall well-being, making your life easier and more liveable.

About The Speaker:

Kelsey Harris is a chronic illness warrior and activist who was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. After a career in film (and retail) for 14 years, which took her to Vancouver, Los Angeles, and eventually Toronto, Kelsey found her passion for helping others who were on chronic illness journeys like herself. She went back to school and is in the process of earning a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She runs the self-help blog and hosts the podcast Chronically Living and how to make the most of it. Kelsey loves to travel, outdoor activities such as hiking, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends.