Join Charles Collins in this talk about how to treat your life-as-as-craft and find the fulfillment that so many of us seek. Gain a unique take on how to view your life as an art form and ways we can paint a picture we would be proud of.

What You Will Learn

Charles' work demonstrates how anyone can learn to practice 'Life-as-a-Craft' to achieve extraordinary results, similar to the way we learn, practice, and master our trades, occupations, and professions. Life-as-a-Craft is a practical, results-oriented alternative to managing life's challenges purely by intuition, and trial and error.

The Way of Craftsmanship
Handed down over the centuries by master craftsmen and craftswomen across the world, Charles reveals the time tested practice of 'craftsmanship', as the key to unlock the universal principles of excellence for developing a high level of skill in any endeavor in one's life from personal and professional development, to family management and parenting skills.

About Speaker
  • Speaker: Charles Collins
  • From: Texas
  • Bio: Charles is a best-selling author of the LifeCraft book series available on Amazon, producer of the companion Making A Masterpiece of Your Life audio collection, and Publisher of Life Masterpiece Journal available on | Book Charles for Your Podcast
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