What You Will Learn

Are you looking to achieve the ever-elusive prospect of ‘inner peace’ in 2020? Are you having trouble finding a purpose to strive for in life? People often claim that there are a thousand different ways to achieve inner peace, from meditation all the way to DIY – or even going on a long drive, alone, with your favorite playlist on repeat. However, in this discussion we will specifically be looking at this from the lens of Religion, Spirituality, and Christianity.

A panel consisting of Julian Garcia from Walk After Falling, Shailyn Henderson from Less of Me, and Mark Conforti from Object Lesson will be giving their viewpoint on how Christianity is the way to achieve that. We will take a step back to look at how belief in something or someone helps people find the balance of life everyone is looking for; especially in 2020. The lockdowns, coupled with immense work pressure and home duties, have uprooted routines we set up, effectively leading to bad moods, anxiety and even depression. See how a mom, campus minister, and recent graduate, are managing during this time, and listen to their take on how what we believe can change us in significant ways. They will explain their perspective on how Religion, Spirituality, and Christianity can help you keep yourself and your emotions in check.

Together we will participate in an eye-opening discussion to see how people from different walks of life could use what our panelists have to say as a means to apply to our own lives. Join us in this live virtual discussion to open yourself to the idea of new perspectives and insight!

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Did you know a lot of our content is only sent to our email members? Signup for Free

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