What You Will Learn

Join Dr. Benjamin Ritter in talking about how to make that jump from working at your day job to owning your own business and living to tell the tale. Anyone that has gone through the process of starting a business knows it is not for the light hearted, as surprises await you at every corner. The light at the end of the tunnel is that many have gone before you and are a testament to what can be done. Dr. Ritter is one of those people, and he is passionate about helping others along their journey to create a career they are excited about investing in.

After receiving his MBA and getting a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Ritter started his own quest to find a career he was passionate about. This eventually lead him to founding his own consulting company, but not without some challenges along the way. In this discussion we'll openly talk about the real world struggles involved with balancing a 9 to 5, a startup, and you know 'a life'. Join us in this live virtual discussion!