What You Will Learn

Join Christine Blackburn as she leads us in uncovering the powerful nature of our own life stories. Speaking of powerful life stories, she certainly has one of her own, from flight attendant to renowned comedian, actress, and producer. We'll be taking a deeper look into not only what makes our life stories interesting, but what turns them into a truly transformative message that people can't wait to hear more of.

We have the ability to communicate and distribute our message in ways we could have only dreamed of not so long ago. However, the importance of crafting a message that can really impact people is just as challenging today as it has always been. Thankfully Christine is going to give us an inside look on how to do just that.

You may have seen some of the iconic commercials Christine has been in, or perhaps you have seen her on the standup comedy circuit. One thing is for sure, she knows how to get people's attention, and she likes to have fun. In this discussion we will be doing both of these. Join us for this live virtual discussion!