What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn:

Guests will learn why it's important to acknowledge their feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment but why it's then equally important to recognize when you are simply feeling sorry for yourself. Learn how to use the Pity Party Timer to refocus your mindset and move forward.

Laura and Nicole are the co-hosts of The Ask More Get More Show & Podcast, The Get More With Bare Slate Podcast, and the Get More In The Morning Show. They interview thought leaders from around the world to find out what makes them successful, and then share those conversation and learnings with their audience.

About Speaker
  • Bio: Laura Moon & Nicole Girouard, BBA are the founders of The Get More Movement, which is a membership site dedicated to housing all of their expert conversations, behind the scenes interviews, Success Habit Cheat Sheets, dedicated course learnings and private accountability groups. The Get More Movement is all about taking action towards your goals and developing the Success Habits needed to do just that so that we can all Get More out of our lives!