What You Will Learn

Learn how to make the best of any situation, even the really painful ones, with Keera Albergaria. We never know what’s ahead of us, in fact, it’s almost certain we will face some difficult times at some point in our life. How we respond during these moments can easily make or break our perspective on life.

Keera is a single mother of two sweet boys and knows what loss feels like, in going through 5 miscarriages. She was also been diagnosed with postpartum depression. However, through this struggle she decided that she is not a construct of pain, but of purpose. It is through this experience she has since found motivation to help others overcome their pain.

Join us for this eye-opening discussion on how your pain and struggle can be turned into purpose and opportunities not just for you, but also for those around you. Keera – a certified life coach – will explain how you can use your own lemons to make lemonade for yourself and for others. Join us for this live virtual discussion!