My Faith Has Faced Challenges, Here’s What I’ve Learned

As societies become more secularized and individuals embrace diverse worldviews, many find themselves questioning or abandoning their faith altogether. As a Christ follower and an international digital nomad, I’ve found myself grappling with unique challenges and uncertainties. 

Growing up in the Bible Belt surrounded by like-minded friends, family, and communities provided a sense of security and belonging to my faith. However, as I’ve ventured beyond familiar borders and encountered diverse cultures and beliefs, maintaining my faith has become more of a challenge. I never thought it would be, but there’s something about being the outcast that forces you to shine a light on what you believe, to search, and to seek answers you never sought before. Yet, I’ve learned to anchor my faith in the simple yet profound truth of Christ’s unconditional love and sacrifice.

The person of Christ is my grounding…

For me, being a Christian transcends denominational boundaries and theological debates (though those have a place). It’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and embodying His teachings of love, compassion, and forgiveness in my daily life. It’s about trusting in His grace and mercy, knowing that His love for me is unwavering and unchanging.

Navigating faith in a changing world requires a delicate balance of conviction and humility. It’s about holding fast to core beliefs while remaining open to growth and transformation. I embrace doubt as an opportunity for deeper understanding and questioning as a path to greater wisdom.

What works for me…

Prayer and Study

Prayer and studying the bible are essential practices in sustaining my faith and that of all Christians. In moments of doubt, I turn to Christ in prayer, seeking His guidance. Through prayer, I find solace in His presence, knowing that He walks beside me every step of the way. Through study, I ground myself in understanding which continually reassures me that all things in this life fall under the authority and plan of God the creator. 

Inquisitive Learning

As I journey through different cultures and encounter various religious beliefs, sometimes I’m left feeling unsettled. I grapple with the complexities of religious pluralism and the age-old question of whether my faith is the “right” one. I don’t shy away from studying these religions or Christian apologetics. It’s absolutely necessary in our current world to be able to stand for your faith. I ask questions to the experts and find out the underlying truths. Through interviews with believers in other faiths, I learn about their worldviews. The more honest answers I get in regard to other religions, the more I am assured of the absolute truth of Jesus.

Limit Social Media 

Social media has also emerged as a significant influence in a more challenging way. The lack of morality and pervasive negativity that characterize online opinions can be disheartening, particularly when directed toward Christianity. From cynical memes to outright false information, it sometimes feels like being a Christian in the digital age means constantly defending my faith against an onslaught of skepticism and ridicule. 

Yet, amidst the noise and chaos of social media, I have found moments of grace and inspiration. Whether through uplifting messages shared by fellow believers or virtual communities that offer support and encouragement, digital platforms have the potential to foster connection and solidarity among people of faith. 

10 Practical Tips to Keep Your Faith Strong When Things Are Hard

  1. Pray Regularly: When we pray, we put on our spiritual armor and remember that God is with us, making us strong. Pray continually.
  2. Stick to God’s Truth: Resist the urge to buy into the whole “well that’s your truth” view of the world. If everyone has a different truth, there’s no moral authority or foundation. Choose to follow THE TRUTH. 
  3. Obey the Word: The call of a Christian is not just to believe in Jesus but to do what he taught! John 14:19-21
  4. Find Strength in Community: It’s important to have believing friends and to seek guidance from Godly mentors. Make sure you’re part of a group of believers, like a church or a small group. If that’s not possible join a group chat with fellow believers. 
  5. Practice Gratitude Daily: Take time each day to thank God for His blessings and provision in your life. Gratitude helps shift your perspective from negativity to God’s abundant goodness.
  6. Engage in Scripture Study and Reflection: Study the Bible daily and reflect on its teachings. Dive deep into God’s Word to gain a deeper understanding of His character, promises, and instructions for living a faithful life.
  7. Remember Who You Are: In a world that tells you it’s all about you, remember that you belong to Christ. You’re loved by Him and exist to worship him. Knowing your identity in Christ gives you strength, purpose, and a healthy dose of humility.
  8. Take a Stand Wisely: You don’t have to fight every battle. When you do need to defend your faith though, be humble, wise, and polite. Do it with grace. Remember, your faith can inspire others, even in a world that doesn’t understand God or even rejects him. Be a light, not a hammer.
  9. Share Your Faith with Others: Look for opportunities to share the hope and joy you find in Christ with those around you. Whether through acts of kindness, sharing your testimony, or engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing your faith can strengthen your own convictions and inspire others to seek God.
  10. Trust in God’s Sovereignty: Finally, remember that God is in control. Trust in His sovereignty and believe that He “works all things for the good of those who love Him.” Surrender your worries and fears to Him, knowing that He is faithful.

A Few Final Thoughts…

My journey of faith is characterized by following Christ and believing that He loves me. Through encounters with other religions, and engagement with social media, I have come to appreciate the beauty and complexity of my faith. It is a journey marked by moments of doubt and uncertainty, but also by moments of profound grace and revelation, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

About Author

Ryan is a professional travel and relationship writer, originally out of Arkansas. Educated as a health and physical education teacher, he sold all his possessions, uprooted, and went on sabbatical in 2020 to go exploring! He's spent the last four years traveling the world, living and working in more than forty countries. At his side, is his wife of 19 years and fellow travel writer, Abby. Aside from being a sports fanatic and Jesus lover, he's uncle extraordinaire to 14 of the greatest creations on Earth. His passion is sharing cultural finds and encouraging men to experience a more fulfilling life by loving, serving, and understanding their partners better. Ryan is often published on Adventures From Scratch where he shares his relationship advice and family adventure tips, and on Let's Roam, where he details his travel experiences. You can find more from Ryan on he and his wife's YouTube Channel- LostAmongLocals.

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