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Apr 16
Servant Leadership Works Best When Embracing Vulnerability

Servant leadership is a long-standing concept. Some of the best leaders practiced it, from Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War to Herb Kelleher, the Former CEO of Southwest Airlines. For the longest time, the focus was on the growth and success of the company or an organization. However, servant leadership focuses on the people who […]

Apr 12
Male Friendships: Why They Are Confusing for Women

I have always found male friendships interesting. Male bonding is nothing like when women get together. When women meet, there’s a lot of sharing, advice-giving, empowerment, and overall satisfaction. When men meet, I see none of those things. They often sit quietly and drink or watch stuff with the occasional comment or joke passed around.  […]

Apr 10
My Faith Has Faced Challenges, Here’s What I’ve Learned

As societies become more secularized and individuals embrace diverse worldviews, many find themselves questioning or abandoning their faith altogether. As a Christ follower and an international digital nomad, I’ve found myself grappling with unique challenges and uncertainties.  Growing up in the Bible Belt surrounded by like-minded friends, family, and communities provided a sense of security […]

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