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Dec 26
The Top Things Men Secretly Want in a Relationship

If you are active on social media, you must be confused about what men want from women. The requirements seem as diverse as they are non-inclusive. In addition, what men want seems to be changing every few months. We all want something from a relationship. Women are more vocal about their expectations and needs. They […]

Dec 16
Decoding Men’s Words: What He Says vs. What He Really Means

Men are supposed to be simple communicators, like a yes or no questionnaire. What they say is supposed to mean exactly that. Men are supposed to be straightforward in communication. No dropping hints or struggling to express themselves. Good theory, right? Well, the reality goes a little different. If you have ever been in a […]

Dec 15
Discover His Love Language!

‘Love language’ is something you will hear everyone constantly talk about. But it is not a 2020 phenomenon. No, the concept of the love language goes back to 1992 when Gary Chapman shared his masterpiece ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.’ Years later, this book remains relevant, birthing ‘What […]

Dec 04
A Guide to Supporting Men Through Emotional Challenges

Sometimes, it feels like men have no idea how they are feeling and how it’s affecting them. Worse, they fail to understand how it affects people around them. But they are not entirely to blame for this! As if the differences between men and women are not enough, male and female brains are built differently, […]

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Dec 03
Signs He’s Pulling Away from Your Relationship

‘Yeap, he’s definitely breaking up with me,’ is probably what you are thinking right now. Your boyfriend, husband, or partner is pulling away, and you can’t help but think the worst. So, is he going to break up with you? Maybe! Terrifying thought, right? But wait, is he actually being distant, or is something else […]

Dec 02
Coping with Depression After Losing Your Job: A Guide for Men

Depression after losing your job can lead you with feelings of depression, if you find yourself in this situation then this guide is for you. We’ll cover what you might be going through, tactics to cope, and expert tips to make getting back on your feet a little easier during this challenging transitional period. Common […]

Dec 01
The Silent Treatment: Why Men Need Space After Connecting

Ever heard the dreaded ‘I need space?’ Just the thought of someone saying it makes my heart sink a little. And most people react this way. It is why most men avoid saying it even though they really need space. The myth of emotional distance in men? A little truth there. Your man hits a […]

Nov 23
Surprising Relationship Advice for Women On Why He’s Gone Radio Silent

Ladies, let’s address something that has long perplexed women: Why do men enjoy their “caves?” You know the feeling: you had a disagreement, and you need to talk. Yet he remains completely silent as soon as you want to talk with him. Today we explore this mysterious phenomenon and dive into some relationship advice for […]

Nov 22
Decoding the Unspoken: Understand Men’s Body Language

They say that actions speak louder than words, but boy, can those actions be quiet sometimes! Unfortunately, that’s what we sign up for just by existing. The most honest messages you will get from any person will be a small action of the body or gesture. Evolution can do many things, but making humans verbally […]

Nov 21
Achieve & Inspire: Fostering Open Communication in Men

Despite years of progression and acceptance, the running rumor of men not having feelings is going strong. And with good reason, too! Ask any woman in a relationship with a man if their partner has ever shown any emotional authenticity. Unfortunately, many will tell you that it has never happened and may never happen. Open […]

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