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Mar 20
Stress Management Techniques for Men in High-Pressure Work Environments

High-pressure situations are challenging, especially at work. It can cause the strongest of men to break down. Take the story of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in 1986. I’ve heard this story thousands of times, sometimes from motivational speakers, other times from friends and family. Seems the story has many lessons. So, I’ll share one […]

Mar 18
Building Strong Friendships: The Power of Talking Among Guys

Men have no problem communicating with each other… wait, that’s women. Women love to talk with their friends. That’s why girls’ trips, dates, and brunches can take the whole day. Women are more comfortable sharing with trusted friends, which is more than I can say for men. Men are more reserved when it comes to […]

Mar 15
Why I Intensely Spoil My Wife at the Risk of My Manliness

When people see me “spoiling my wife,” they often raise their eyebrows or crack a joke about my masculinity. It’s a scenario I’ve encountered countless times, particularly from older male family members. Despite the teasing, I continue to elevate my wife’s needs above my own. Why? I’ve come to understand that nurturing a happy marriage […]

Mar 13
I Married My Polar Opposite… and It Made Me Better

They say “opposites attract,” and in the case of my wife and I, that couldn’t be more true! While our opposing personalities make for some interesting conflicts, marrying my antithesis has been an experience of personal growth for both of us. If you’re dating someone who seems totally foreign to you, or you’ve just realized […]

Mar 08
Interdependence in Relationships: Maintaining Your Individuality in a Partnership

A romantic relationship with a codependent person is the epitome of the “old ball and chain adage.” I think it’s safe to say that most of us look for red flags in this area, as we don’t want to lose our autonomy. However, in romantic endeavors, we need to let our guard down a bit […]

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Mar 06
Rules of Fighting Fair: How to Respectfully Argue With Your Partner

In a perfect world, you and your significant other would never fight, but that’s not reality. It’s normal and real to argue from time to time, but it also doesn’t have to get ugly. Couples are bound to face challenges that spark disagreements. Navigating these conflicts with mutual respect is the key to maintaining a […]

Mar 01
Balancing Work and Well-being: A Guide for Men

Men should work, or at least that’s what society has been pushing since the male species first went out hunting. People often expect men to be strong, provide for their families, and work hard. Unfortunately, what people expect of men can lead to stress, which is bad for their overall well-being. Think about Vincent van […]

Feb 28
What I’ve Learned About Men’s Attachment Wounds As A Therapist

We all have an underlying core need for connection and intimacy. While fluid, the attachments we form early on with our caregivers affect our capacity for this, setting the stage for our adult relationships. Attachment Theory describes the adaptation of attachment patterns, based on our caregivers’ responses to our emotional needs in infancy and childhood. […]

Feb 23
The Importance of Being on the Same Page While Parenting

In addition to getting married and becoming a husband, being a parent is the most important role you will ever have. Whether you planned to have a child or not, they’re here, and you had better get used to it. There are a ton of things you need to worry about in the early days […]

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