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May 20
Every Man Needs a Career Mentor at Work: The 3 Stages of Finding One

Having a mentor at work can be crucial for a man’s professional development. Learn why every man needs a career mentor in the workplace and how to find the right one with this guide. You cannot be too big or successful for a mentor. Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs as his mentor. Bill Gates? Warren […]

Apr 30
Dads Showing an Example to your Children on Mother’s Day

I have a friend that recently posted something on social media. It hit me straight in the heart. This single mother shared how much she dreads being on social media on Mother’s Day; seeing all the moms with flowers, homemade breakfasts-in-bed, and all of the lovely things that are ‘from the kids’ (but everyone knows, […]

Apr 26
Be a Better Leader Have a Richer Life!

One of the reasons I would never run for office is because I would likely never know when to stop. I mean, if you are the president, you have no days off, no vacation time. As long as you are breathing, you are working. So how do they manage? If they still have families, they […]

Apr 20
What I Learned About Never Giving Up Over Coffee

As I sat down with Eric over coffee, I asked him what message he hopes his story communicates. Without hesitation he said “Never give up, I want to inspire people to never give up”. You see, Eric was diagnosed with a rare eye disorder as a child. Doctors didn’t expect him to make it out […]

Apr 06
I Can’t Forget This One Conversation

It was a simple conversation. One that I’ve had many times, and one I’ve heard other people have. However, this one was different. It was brief, fleeting in fact, but I still remember it. It was a conversation I witnessed between two elderly gentlemen as I made a routine run to the grocery store. It’s […]

Apr 05
Everyday Strategies to Lead by Example at Work

I cannot tell you how many times I heard the phrase ‘lead by example’ from my teachers, family, and friends growing up. It would always come in a teaching moment, I think when I would go along with what others said. I was never sure if they told me this to inspire me to be […]

Apr 03
How to Volunteer for Charity Work: Servant Leadership in the Community

In a world where kindness and compassion seem to be lacking, volunteering for charity is a great way to spread some hope. Whether it’s coaching youth sports, organizing a church event, or aiding in disaster relief efforts, the act of giving back enriches not only the lives of those being helped but also the hearts […]

Mar 29
The Friday Before Easter

As I start to write this, it’s a little after 5am on the Friday before Easter. Often in the past it seems I have hurried through this day. Certainly I know the symbolism this day brings within Christianity, but it can still be easy to internalize it as “This is just the Friday before Easter”. […]

Mar 29
The Impact of a Stepfather in the Family

I was once a divorced, single mother with two young sons. I met a man on a dating site, after a series of roller coaster dating scenarios I would rather not relive…..ever. This man seemed different. He knew I was a package deal. I had two sons under the age of 10, when we met. […]

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Mar 27
Building A Strong Relationship: Dealing With Challenges as a Team

What makes a relationship strong? Before you answer that, consider Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. A passionate love story that started when the two met and discovered shared ideals about Mexican identity. Even better, they were both artists with strong personalities. Their marriage? Well, it was marked by fiery arguments, infidelity, and intense […]

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