Decoding the Unspoken: Understand Men’s Body Language

They say that actions speak louder than words, but boy, can those actions be quiet sometimes! Unfortunately, that’s what we sign up for just by existing.

The most honest messages you will get from any person will be a small action of the body or gesture. Evolution can do many things, but making humans verbally communicate is where Darwinism draws the line!

But you have to admit that there is beauty in letting the body speak for you. Small gestures and nonverbal cues can say all the things you cannot say out loud. But it can be quite stressful when decoding men’s body language.

Men can be impossible to read. Their range of thoughts spread between planning a future with you or figuring out which animal they could take in a fight. It gets you wondering what his shoulder shrugs, lip folds and eyebrow raises mean.

Is his gentle smirk an indication that he likes you? Or does it mean he just thought of a funny meme? You probably wish there were ways to see exactly how he feels or what he means. But alas, there is only so much you can do.

Still, there are common gestures and nonverbal cues you can interpret even with men. And this article is going to help you do just that! So, keep reading to learn how to read men’s body language for better communication skills.

Decoding Men’s Body Language

Men’s body language is easy to read for some. But mostly because they have had years of practice. As you get close to the man in your life, you may be able to tell what subtle gestures and facial expressions mean. But until then, here is your guide on how to read men’s body language.

Facial Expressions

His facial expression can tell you a lot about what he’s thinking or feeling. You just need to be observant. But be careful not to stare because he will think you are a little creepy and make him uncomfortable. Here’s what some common men’s facial expressions mean:

Raised brows

Like most things, raised eyebrows often depend on context. If this is a potential love interest or a guy across the bar staring, you have a mating sign on your hands.

Plain and simple, he likes you or is interested in you! In other contexts, it means the same thing but with less sexual desire. More like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ or ‘ I acknowledge you.’

Lip licking

Lip licking is a little less subtle than other gestures. And I’m not talking about his whole tongue moving along all parts of his lips like they are made of candy.

Just a gentle brush of the lip folding on the bottom lip, then back into his mouth. A lot of men do this when they want to express desire. When a guy licks his lips, it means he is flirting with you because he is sexually attracted to you.

Slightly parted lips

Occasionally, you may find a man looking at you or someone else with his lips parted slightly. Not full mouth agape because that would be too obvious.

It could mean they are excited or amazed by what they see. Alternatively, he could be thinking about kissing you and unconsciously showing it. In addition, it could mean that he feels relaxed and at ease.

Lopsided grin

There’s a reason romance novels mention ‘his crooked smile’ a million times over.

It’s not a coincidence because men have this boyish crooked smile when speaking or listening to someone, almost like they are daydreaming about their favorite sandwich.

It is a sign of flirting- men do this to appear warm and non-threatening.

Lip biting

You may think this gesture is easy to interpret, but it could mean more than you think. The most common interpretation of a man biting his lower lip is showing desire.

Men do this to look more attractive and masculine, thus coaxing you to also like them. A man biting his lip could also mean feeling nervous or anxious because he does not know how to act.

Some men also bite their bottom lips when deep in thought.

Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul. And they are a crucial part of men’s body language.

Admittedly, reading the eyes may be challenging because it means looking into his eyes.

It can create a tense or weird situation. But hopefully, you can get away with some glances. Here’s what his eyes are saying:

Avoiding eye contact

Avoiding direct eye contact is a normal part of men’s body language. It could mean a few things, starting with shyness.

He could be feeling shy because of someone or something. It could also be a sign of social anxiety if he only does this when he’s around a lot of people.

Some men also feel nervous around someone they like, so they avoid eye contact.

Prolonged comfortable eye contact

On the other hand, he could pull the 180 spin and maintain eye contact for a prolonged time. And he won’t be uncomfortable doing it, either.

Prolonged eye contact could be his way of trying to influence you by asserting his dominance. In addition, he could be trying to communicate flirty feelings.

On some occasions, it could mean he is lost in thought– sometimes productive and other times trying to figure out if he could eat his body weight in steak.

Eye dipping

The occasional eye dip from a man is when he looks down and then back up. Depending on the situation, he could delay his gaze or move his eye swiftly.

This gesture is self-explanatory, but in case you doubt it, it is a sign of attraction and affection. He is taking a glance at you or some parts of your body because he feels desire.

Rapid blinking

If you google ‘rapid blinking’ in men, lying is the first explanation that will come up. And it may be true-your date could be blinking rapidly to cover up the fact that he does not actually work for a Fortune 500 company.

If not, he could be hiding important information from you. It is technically not lying but just as bad. However, fast blinking could also mean that he’s nervous or feels anxious, especially if this is your first time meeting.

Dilated eyes

It is a well-known fact that dilated eyes are a common sign of desire. Sometimes, men’s body language is not that complicated.

If his pupils look huge to make his eyes appear bigger, then it just means that he is looking at something he likes or desires.

Unfortunately, you can only get away with checking if his pupils got bigger once or twice. Luckily, you can find out more from his hands.

Hand Gestures

Arm or hand gestures can be international or unconscious. When you do the peace sign for a picture– intentional.

When you fidget with your fingers during an interview– unconscious. Decoding men’s body language means understanding what their hand gestures mean.

Here are some potential hand movements that could be saying more than you hear:


Men fidgeting is closely related to being bored, frustrated, or impatient. It is also associated with being anxious about something. That is why some men fidget when they are on a date for the first time. He is probably nervous about meeting you or being outside.

Open palms

When speaking to you or others, a man may keep his palms open the entire time.

It may seem like a small or normal gesture, but it is one of the body language signs that indicate sincerity.

He may unknowingly keep his palms open to indicate that he is trustworthy or non-threatening, like reaching out to you.

Squeezing your hand

Perhaps it was during a handshake or when he held your hand; he squeezed it briefly or for a prolonged time.

This common hand gesture is his way of showing you that he likes you and hopes you notice right then. It could also indicate that he felt a little more love or desire for you because you said or did something.

Some men may also squeeze your hand because they desire some kind of intimacy at that moment.

Closed fists

If you notice that his hands are closed or balled into fists during a conversation, it indicates that he is uncomfortable and closed off.

In some cases, men ball their fists because they feel aggressive or attacked. In addition, it could indicate emotional hurt manifesting as anger.

Do not expect him to hold the conversation for much longer, given how he feels.

Interlocking his fingers with yours

Interlocking fingers is the upgraded version of holding hands. If he intentionally reaches out for your hand in scenarios where it is not required (dancing, crossing the street), then it means he likes you. He wants to be closer to you.

Interlocking his fingers with yours means he wants more intimacy or a deeper bond. If you are lovers, he is possibly trying to initiate sexual contact.


Reading body language sometimes means reading the actual body. The body is verbal, so look out for posture such as:


Men tend to flex as part of their posture. But not shirtless with baby oil in a body-building competition– although that would be impressive! Instead, he will subtly make his muscles look firm and tight.

You may notice him straightening his back to increase chest size, sucking in his belly, and tightening his upper arms or forearms to look toned.

Men use these body movements to appear more masculine. He may also do it to draw attention to his workout gains because he wants your admiration.

Leaning into you

You are probably wondering if he has always sat so close to you. Did he always lean over to your side when he laughed? If it is happening out of nowhere, he feels comfortable around you. In addition, it could be his way of expressing romantic interest in you.

Crossed arms

Crossing arms is often a defensive stance. He could be crossing his arms because he feels irritated, angry, or impatient. In addition, it could be because he feels distant, insecure, and anxious around you.

But you may not know that he could alternatively be trying to attract you. When a man crosses his arms, he may be flexing his muscles to appear more muscular and thus attractive.

Lowered head

When a man lowers his head during a conversation, you can tell he is sad or bored. That is, unless he’s admiring his shoes.

If you are in the middle of an argument or deep conversation then he lowers his head, it shows remorse or guilt. He is unconsciously asking for forgiveness or empathy. They may also pull their body in because they feel intimidated.


Teachers tell you that slouching is disrespectful because it is casual behavior. But don’t worry, he’s not slumping because he wants to disrespect you.

Slouching is instead a way for the man to seem more approachable to you. He wants to seem relaxed so you can relax, be free or open when speaking to him.

In addition, it shows that he is vulnerable but comfortable in your presence.

Unconscious Habits

And finally, your man may display some unconscious habits that are signs of certain feelings or thoughts. Here’s what to look out for:

Touching his face

When a man touches his face, cheek, or chin when he’s around you, it is considered an intimate gesture. If he has facial hair, he may be fixing it to appear more presentable to you or someone else.

It is because he likes you and wants you to see him in the best light. It could also be the tingle of excitement because you or someone else is around.

Ruffling his hair

Ruffling or playing with his hair when he’s around you or someone else is usually a good sign. It could mean he is interested and flirting with you or the person of interest. In addition, it could signify a playful attitude.

Understanding Body Language Needs Constant Practice

I know what you are thinking, and you are right– your man is different. All men are! Therefore, some gestures they display may not always mean the emotions or thoughts explained in this article.

So, if you want to understand body language, be willing to learn over time. In addition, it helps to remember that men can be pretty simple. Sometimes, staring into the distance is not about intense focus- he could just be daydreaming!

Mastering Him: Decoding Men’s Body Language for Better Connections

Crack the code of the unspoken male! Our guide teaches you how to read men’s body language effectively.

Unlock the mysteries of men’s body language with our latest guide! From subtle gestures to unspoken cues, learn to decode and connect on a whole new level. Dive into the art of understanding – communication, upgraded!

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