Get Fit Outside the Gym: Fun Workouts for Busy Guys

What’s the most recent excuse you’ve given for not working out? I’m currently riding the ‘I’m new to the city and don’t know a lot of places,’ wave. But I know something has to change. I’ve heard a lot of excuses for people refusing to work out. ‘I don’t have a gym membership,’ or ‘I’m too busy to go to the gym,’ are pretty common. As if it is entirely impossible to get fit outside the gym.

Many people believe working out at the gym is the best way to get fit. Admittedly, the gym offers a lot of advantages. There’s a lot of equipment, potential for a trainer, and great places to take Instagram pics. You could meet the love of your life there!

Unfortunately, a busy work schedule could be keeping you from a happy marriage—and fitness, of course. Going to the gym requires a lot of commitment and time.

It is especially inconvenient if you live far away, the gym doesn’t open early enough, or you fear being around many people during a workout.

These conditions should not, however, stop you from enjoying all the benefits of a workout. You can get fit outside the gym—maybe in the office, perhaps in your apartment, or even outside. And you don’t have to start blind, thanks to this article! 

How to Workout on A Busy Schedule

Before I get to the fun workouts you can do outside the gym, here are a few tips on remaining committed despite your schedule:

Squeeze In Short Sessions 

Yes, you don’t have the time. But it’s not like you’re busy at every single moment of your life. If you have time to scroll through TikTok, you probably have time to do ten squats. It won’t even take that long!

Before stepping into the shower, take ten minutes to stretch, then do as many squats as possible. The same goes for before you drink coffee, walk out the door, or walk to the break room. There’s always an opportunity. 

Turn Normal Things Into Exercise

Another great tip is combining physical activity with something you already do. For example, you could turn your walks into jogs. When you go shopping, park your vehicle as far away from the store as possible, then walk. Also, do you really need the car this time, or can you walk/bike there? 

Get An Accountability Buddy 

Nothing motivates you to commit to a cause like someone nagging you to get things done. Take a friend, work buddy, or family member, and then help each other on the fitness journey. Remind each other when it’s time to work out.

Share details of the workouts you did that day. Perhaps even share video proof. As long as you are accountable to someone, it will increase your chances of actually doing it. 

8 Fun Workouts You Can Do Outside The Gym

1. Trampolining

Starting on a fun note, jumping up and down on a trampoline is an easy and fun way to stay fit. It does not require much time, so it will fit your busy schedule. The jumping motion is great for exercising your legs, back, and glutes.

In addition, bouncing on a trampoline can help exercise your abdomen. Over time, you gain strength, and it improves your health. So, set up a trampoline outside the gym for jumps at home. If you work in an office, there are some great deals for indoor trampolines online. 

2. Hula Hooping

Another fun thing to try is hula hooping. It’s easy, fun, and can be done from home or the office without taking up much time. Hula-hooping is great because it helps burn calories. In addition, it focuses on the core muscles.

So, if you want to tone your abs or go down a few waist sizes, this is the activity for you. You could start with a normal hula hoop and a video tutorial. Then, move on to a weighted hoop. 

3. Dancing

Do you have two left feet? Good news—it won’t matter in this case! All you need is a little space to let the dance monster out. Dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay healthy outside the gym. It’s why professional dancers are as fit as athletes.

You gain muscular, aerobic, endurance, and motor fitness. But hold on; you don’t need to enrol in a ballet class yet. Put on some music and let yourself go. If you need a little direction, many YouTube fitness influencers have short but effective dance routines. Three songs and your heart will be pumping!

4. Skipping

Skipping is a fun exercise that takes up little time. But boy, will you sweat! I picked up the habit some time back and was wheezing sooner than I thought. Contrary to what a lot of people think, skipping rope does not just help your lower body.

It helps you build stamina and improve your lung capacity. In addition, the repeated motion helps tone and strengthen your arms. Time yourself or skip to a certain number. Being on a deadline is best because it will motivate you to reach your goal faster. 

5. Wall Sits

Okay, wall sits might not be fun, but they can be if you do them differently. I find it most fun when my friends and I challenge each other to see who will hold out the longest. Another fun way is to hold the position through a commercial break or the last five or ten minutes of your show.

It’s like a drinking game but better for your health. You’ll be targeting your quads and strengthening your muscular endurance. 

6. Arm Circles

It seems silly to be standing in your office and throwing your arms around like a helicopter. But it’s good for you, it works, and thus, it’s not stupid. When done correctly, arm circles help tone and exercise your shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

In addition, arm circles are good for your back—something I’m sure you need if you sit all day. And they don’t take too long; you can even do them while watching your favorite show. 

7. Stair Climbing

I have come to appreciate the simple yet effective exercise of climbing stairs. If you live a few floors high, you can get a really good workout outside the gym. Of course, you’ll risk a few weird looks from your neighbors as they pass, but they’ll get over it. 

Instead of heading straight in after coming home from work, walk the floors two or three times. It will strengthen your lower body, tone the glutes, and even help you lose fat around the belly and waist. You can really earn your dinner!

8. Yoga

And finally, it’s about time you picked up yoga. Countless studies have proven that yoga is good for your health and can help you shed some weight while toning your body. And since you have the internet, you don’t have to do it blind.

Many online yoga videos for beginners can help you move more. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need much space or time. You can do it in the office or home for as long as possible.   

No More Excuses, Just Fun Fitness!

So, what’s your excuse now? These tips and exercises give you everything you need to stay active and healthy outside the gym. Whether it’s a quick trampoline session in your backyard, a spontaneous dance-off in your living room, or a few sneaky wall sits during commercial breaks, there’s no shortage of ways to keep moving.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a chore or limited to a gym. It can be part of your daily routine, adding fun and creativity to your life. By trying these workouts, you’re building physical strength and boosting your mental well-being. Who doesn’t love a good endorphin rush?

Start small, stay consistent, and, most importantly, have fun. Embrace the fitter, happier, and more energetic you—all without ever stepping foot in a gym!

About Author
About Author

Waithira Njagi is a seasoned wellness and relationship content writer with nearly a decade of experience. Her passion for helping others navigate the complexities of personal growth and connection shines through in her engaging and insightful writing.
With a knack for distilling complex topics into easily digestible pieces, Waithira's work is geared toward readers seeking guidance and inspiration on their journey to holistic well-being.
When she's not crafting engaging articles, you can find Waithira curled up with a stack of romance novels– always rooting for love to win– or enjoying quality time with her beloved family. Her dedication to spreading love and positivity is evident in everything she creates.

Waithira is here to remind you that life, much like their stories, is a tapestry of connections - to loved ones, and the endless adventures found in books.

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