Everyday Strategies to Lead by Example at Work

I cannot tell you how many times I heard the phrase ‘lead by example’ from my teachers, family, and friends growing up. It would always come in a teaching moment, I think when I would go along with what others said. I was never sure if they told me this to inspire me to be a leader or to reduce the number of kids getting into trouble. Even now, whenever I hear ‘lead by example at work, too,’ I’m still not sure if it’s inspiration to lead or keep the peace at work.

Despite this, I’m going to focus on this phrase from the leadership perspective. Leading by example at work should not be about staging in line or avoiding trouble. It should be about inspiring others and helping coworkers become their best selves.

However, you do not lead by example in a day, especially at work. Instead, it is a choice you make every day. It’s like working out. If you are not consistent, it won’t stick! So, if you want to be the guy in the office who inspires others to be better just by being himself, check out this guide.

What Happens When Leaders Don’t Lead By Example?

There is nothing more disappointing than a leader who does not lead by example at work. You’ve probably experienced it with a boss or team leader.

You may think that it only affects you, but a leader who can’t be an example to others affects the business. It is the type of guy you do not want to be. A leader who cannot lead by example causes:

Low Morale and Indiscipline

A manager or team leader who has no respect for the rules can become the source of low morale and poor discipline. Imagine you are part of a team that just picked up a new project at work headed by a project manager.

He says everyone should arrive an hour earlier for the project’s duration. You hate the idea, but do it because you are passionate about the project.

On the first day, the manager walks in during the usual clock-in time and continues doing so. By the second week, you are asking, ‘why should we come in early if he won’t show up at all?’

You are no longer excited about the project and have even stopped coming in earlier. This is how much a ‘do as I say not as I do’ type of leader can affect the workplace. Don’t be this guy.

Trust Issues

Today, it seems that if you don’t have trust issues on any level, then you have a fantastic mindset or an excellent therapist. As much as people don’t like to say it, trust is necessary in the workplace, too.

As a manager, you need to be able to rust your team to get things done. But you need to be a trustworthy leader. Take working from home– many managers worry about the hours their teams are clocking in. But they should be worried about their own.

Are you working the same hours you want your team to work? Or are you sneaking out early? A leader that breaks the rules (and gets caught) loses respect and trust.

Negative Work Culture

Eventually, a leader who cannot lead by example at work creates a negative work environment. When you break the rules, disappoint your team, and successfully give them trust issues, you create workers like you.

They will do as you do, never as you say.

And when you try to correct them, they will likely refuse because they do not trust you. Their behavior will become habits in the workplace that will be challenging to break. You may never get them back in line!

Strategies to Lead by Example at Work

Listen To Your Team

As a leader, you may get caught up in managing the team and giving orders that you forget to listen to others. But if you want your team to listen to you, you need to learn to listen to them. You don’t know everything, and you should never pretend to.

A good leader recognizes that he can learn from anyone, even the guy who just started the job. Listening to employees teaches them to listen to you and their coworkers. It often minimizes confusion.

Get Your Hands Dirty

You are a leader, and you should give direction. But you also need to know the ins and outs of the actual work. You need to lead by example at work. For example, don’t just send the marketing team to launch a new product. Go with them, participate actively, and learn more about marketing.

Through this process, you will develop new skills and knowledge. Plus, you will boost your team’s morale and get them to trust you more. Most importantly, you will get a glimpse into your employees’ struggles and thus find ways to help improve their working situations.

Resolve Disagreements Quickly

You could be one of the best leaders ever, but that does not mean people will never disagree under your leadership. Worse, someone on your team could disagree with you. How quickly you resolve such a conflict can determine how competent you are.

In addition, how you respond to an agreement could set the pace for others within your team. If you overreact, expect nothing less from those working under you. But when you react with kindness and calmness, your team will see that their leader has the right attitude to embrace challenges and work for the best outcome. It can encourage them to do the same.

Keep Your Promises

Building trust is one of the best ways to lead by example by work. Trust is delicate, and it takes time to build. You need to be consistent in putting in effort. And one of the best ways to do so is by keeping your promise.

Keeping a promise does a lot for your team. First, it shows commitment, which helps them have more confidence in you as a leader. They will be more engaged and in touch with you. With this trust, they will be willing to go the extra mile because they know you will.

Work With A Good Attitude

If you lead by example at work, then always come in with a positive attitude and be productive. This kind of energy tends to radiate to those working near you. If you walk in looking bored, with no interest in the work, your team will pick up on your attitude.

Successful leaders like Winston Churchill could win more followers to their causes by displaying a motivated and dedicated attitude. If you want your team to take marketing seriously, be enthusiastic, be passionate– show that you are excited. Your team will copy your attitude, so make sure it’s a good one!

The Best Bosses Lead By Example Everyday

It has always been a fact and will remain to be– the best leaders are those who lead by example! There is no alternative for this, no loophole, no excuses. And I believe it will always be like this.

So, if you recently got promoted to a manager or team leader, don’t run an internet search on what to do. ‘Lead by example at work’ should be your primary motto. It will guide you into being your best self and leader. So, wake up every day and choose to lead by example. Not to stay out of trouble, but to inspire others to be their best selves too.

Leading by Example at Work Made Easy with Daily Tips

Learn powerful everyday strategies to lead by example at work and inspire your team.

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