Money Stressing You Out? Tips for Financial Peace of Mind

For the longest time, the only thing that could get me out of bed and into work was money. I remember being stressed about where my rent would come from and how I’d pay my bills. I would watch celebrities on Instagram enjoy interesting daily lives—no work, no worries, no money problems. I was so jealous! I kept wondering when it would be my turn to finally have financial peace. 

Right around then, I put a limit on my social media use. These days, when you’re young, all you likely think about is making money. It doesn’t help that social media is full of people showing off their affluent lifestyles. It puts a lot of pressure on you, especially if you are a man—it’s a huge mental health concern.

A wise man once told me that the solution to money problems may not lie in your income but in how you handle the money. He was and still is right. Sometimes, the solution is not working harder, getting a second job, or turning to a life of crime.

Consider that your path to financial peace involves something like being satisfied with what you have, at least for your mental health. If you stretch yourself beyond capacity and get nauseous whenever you think of money, this article is for you. So, keep reading.  

What Causes Money Anxiety in Men? 

Financial or money anxiety comes from uncertainty about the future. It is a feeling of fear or worry about money and being financially secure. Men often suffer from financial stress because of reasons such as:


Men often compare their financial situations to those of their fellow men. It may not come out directly, but those ‘humblebrags’ from your friends can trigger anxiety and depression.

The worst part is that men undergoing financial strain rarely get support. It’s seen as a duty they are failing at rather than a problem they are dealing with. 

Social Pressure

Traditionally, men have always been seen as the breadwinners. They are the financial providers in relationships and families. This pressure is still alive and well in many men today.

The pressure to earn enough and support loved ones can cause anxiety, especially if their income feels insufficient or unstable. 

Communication Issues

Money is a sensitive topic for men—that and emotions. Very few are willing to open up about their money troubles. Many men deal with their financial issues alone, fearing even to share with their partners.

They would rather fake it until the end. Unfortunately, these hidden frustrations often lead to feelings of helplessness. 

Job Security

While job security is not solely a concern among men, it is a rising issue with the poor economy and tech uprising. Fear of being laid off, short contracts, and the economy can create anxiety about future income and financial peace of mind. 

4 Tips For Financial Peace: You Can Finally Breathe

Many agree that once a man knows how to handle money, he can handle anything else in life. Well— almost anything. Relationships are a different thing. But I stray.

The goal of finances is not to accumulate mountains of wealth. Most people just want peace. Financial peace is about control, security, freedom from stress, and planning for the future. The following four tips will help you on your journey toward being a man at peace with his financial situation.

Get Off Social Media If You Need To

Take a page out of my book and go off social media. Having a front seat to how ‘easy’ other people’s lives may look is not good for your relationship with money.

That fixation will make you depressed and helpless. You will start to think about how any effort you make will never get you to that lifestyle. There’s already enough against you—-you don’t need more.

So, turn off social media!

You can shut down your account if necessary. Your mental health is a priority when dealing with money. If seeing those posts causes you jealousy, anxiety, or depression, it is best to switch to something else. My top choice would be reading books that help you understand your relationship with money. 

Be Comfortable With Having Less

One of the things that can quickly land you in debt is living a life you can barely afford. Who doesn’t want to spend thousands on cars, houses, food, and vacations? However, it’s best to stay away if you can’t afford it. But then, how do you live with yourself?

Learn to be happy with less. Many people believe they need to be wealthy and live the high life to be happy. But you can be content with less. It’s a difficult mindset to adopt, but living simply and being happy often has more rewards.

You are better prepared for financial strain and will have more control over your spending.

Work On Getting Paid More

If taking a second job seems like the kind of thing that will steal away what little joy you have, then work on being paid more. Whether it’s a promotion, working for a different company, or even a full-on career change, work on it. 

You could get certified, learn new skills, or work on being noticed more at work. Whatever you need to do to get that higher salary. And always keep your worth in mind.

Change Your Mindset

How you think about money has to change consistently. If you are financially stressed, you probably think things like debt is part of life and that only the rich can afford cars and other nice things.

This is a negative mindset; achieving financial peace of mind demands this change.

Once your mindset changes, you become more open to the possibility of being at peace with money and your lifestyle. 

Financial Peace of Mind is A Concept For All, Not Just the Rich

I tend to think that people, even as wealthy as Elon Musk, stress out about money. So, you are not alone in dealing with financial anxiety. However, it does not have to be your life every single day.

Financial peace of mind is something you can achieve, and you don’t need Jeff Bezos’ bank account. The above tips, plus good money practices such as saving and paying debt, can guide you out of money worries and into control.

So don’t listen to that inner voice telling you to rob a bank or sell a kidney. Make an effort every day, and you’ll see just how much control you can have over your finances. 

About Author
About Author

Waithira Njagi is a seasoned wellness and relationship content writer with nearly a decade of experience. Her passion for helping others navigate the complexities of personal growth and connection shines through in her engaging and insightful writing.
With a knack for distilling complex topics into easily digestible pieces, Waithira's work is geared toward readers seeking guidance and inspiration on their journey to holistic well-being.
When she's not crafting engaging articles, you can find Waithira curled up with a stack of romance novels– always rooting for love to win– or enjoying quality time with her beloved family. Her dedication to spreading love and positivity is evident in everything she creates.

Waithira is here to remind you that life, much like their stories, is a tapestry of connections - to loved ones, and the endless adventures found in books.

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