Promote Mental Health in the Workplace: Quick Fixes for Busy Men

Does it seem like you are too busy for your mental health? Then, you are part of the 45% of workers who are too busy to find help for mental health. That or you are among the 25% who are too embarrassed to do it. I’ll do you one better; chances are you are a man. Many men feel the need to be busy, and for some, it is a coping mechanism— a way to avoid your feelings. However, keeping your mind occupied is not the best way to promote mental health in the workplace.

I understand. Sometimes, when I feel my mental health is struggling, I tend to ignore it. There are days when working is not enough. I am convinced that part of my mind is not fully occupied, and if I leave it as is, it will affect me. So, I watch movies and scroll social media all while working. Everything about it screams ‘not healthy.’

What I have learned, however, is that my view of mental health practices was wrong. And I bet many others think that mental health requires a lot of time. I also thought it was impossible to slot calming yourself down into your work day.

And that mediation requires you to travel to the mountains and be cut off from the world. But that’s not it. Of course, it’s not it; people have found ways to cope, even at work.  

You do not have control over when and where you will feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. But you can try to control what happens next without disrupting your workday.

This article explores some of the best ways to promote mental health in the workplace so you don’t have to take on extra projects and give yourself a break.  

Promote Mental Health in the Workplace Even When You’re Busy

You should always make time for your mental health. You can’t work forever, meaning the minute your mind is no longer occupied, it will ALL come out. And it will be neither gracious nor manly.

So, rather than risk hurting yourself even more, consider the following tips to promote mental health in the workplace. These are perfect for every ‘Mr. Too Busy for Therapy’ who needs help without committing to a full day (although you should definitely schedule one in the near future).

Go Outside

The first thing you should do is go outside. Yes, you are already outside your home, probably in an office or workspace. But I mean getting away from your work area to relax your mind and calm yourself. And for the forward-thinking home-based worker, it’s time to leave your house.

It does not have to be for long. You could go on a 30-minute walk, preferably to a park or garden. Being closer to nature can be soothing to your mental health. During this time, try not to think about work or even yourself. Fill your head with useless, fun, and strange thoughts.

It will reduce fatigue so you can overcome symptoms of burnout, feelings of depression, and anxiety. 

Stay Organized

If even a small part of your workspace is disorganized, it can trigger anxiety because you feel like your life is also unorganized. This feeling is more common than you would think, and the solution is not to power through it. Ignoring it means you are closer to having a breakdown and not getting any work done.

So, take the time to organize your workspace before you start working. Be sure to stay on top of it by organizing your tasks, too. Daily planner and calendar apps can help with this.

Slot In Exercise

Mental and physical health are connected. Like did you know that the lack of Vitamin D can trigger depression-like symptoms? Yeah, not going outside is making you depressed! This is just one example of why exercise is important for mental health. It does not have to be rigorous or time-consuming— you have work.

Before heading to work, start your day with a jog, run, or cycle. Or take a page out of Phil Dunphy’s book and trampoline yourself into smiles and positive thoughts. If you have the office space, put in a mini trampoline or a pair of weights, then take a break by breaking a sweat. 

Cut Out Negative Habits

And while we’re treating your body like a temple, it’s time to cut out the negative habits. In the moment, it may not feel like it, but drugs and alcohol are bad for your mental health. Otherwise, therapists would be out of business, and cigarette companies would make twice what they do now.

Habits like smoking and drinking don’t just affect your physical health, but they also impact your feelings negatively. Cutting out negativity also means staying away from negative people. They have the same effect, making you feel bad about life, which can trigger symptoms of depression.

Cutting out negativity gives positivity a chance to thrive, thus improving your mental health. So throw out the cigarettes in your office drawer. And if you must go for drinks after work, volunteer to be the designated driver. 

Eat Healthy

Just one more thing about your physical health– you need to eat healthily. A consistently poor diet can trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s okay to indulge and eat the foods you like. But your goal should always be to feed yourself like a friend. If you’re solely responsible for feeding your friend, you’d want to give them tasty food.

But you’ll likely ensure they get balanced and healthy meals. So treat yourself like you would your friend. Invest in good food that nourishes your body. Keep this in mind as you find breakfast and lunch options at work. Carry fruit and some veggies from home to make your lunch more balanced. 

Use Your Vacation Days

Many people avoid taking vacation days. I feared that it would hurt my chances of getting a promotion. Others fear falling behind, disasters at work, and losing potential money. But taking a break is more important.

Working nonstop increases the chances of burnout, significantly affecting your mental health. Trust me, the workplace will still be there when you get back, but the vacation—not so much. So, take advantage of your rest days and experience what it’s like not to be worried and anxious all the time. And never bring your work with you!


Meditation is the perfect way for busy men to promote mental health in the workplace. You don’t need a mountain or flowing water to meditate. You can do it in your office in the right settings. Just turn off your phone, lock the office, and put on some calm and relaxing lyric-free music to get you in the mood.

You could also use an audio guide if you’re having trouble focusing. Meditating can help you calm down in the middle of a workday. It can also relieve stress and help you focus on happier thoughts. It is just the right cooling down for the daily hustle and bustle. 

There’s Always Time for Mental Wellness

So there you have it. You will barely make a dent in your workday by picking one (or more) of multiple things on this list to practice. The rewards are much greater— you will have a more stable mindset and will be able to get through the workday.

Mental wellness is a continuous journey, so practice regularly. It does not have to be every day, but protecting your mind should be a priority. And when it all gets too much, don’t be afraid to take a mental health day. 

About Author
About Author

Waithira Njagi is a seasoned wellness and relationship content writer with nearly a decade of experience. Her passion for helping others navigate the complexities of personal growth and connection shines through in her engaging and insightful writing.
With a knack for distilling complex topics into easily digestible pieces, Waithira's work is geared toward readers seeking guidance and inspiration on their journey to holistic well-being.
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